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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by otc_guy, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Background first to make this easier:
    I'm 23. I am finishing my degree and therefor time at the OTC this year. I am currently sponsored by The London Regiment. I am injured (knee) and need surgery (ball is rolling on this but at the mercy of the NHS). I cannot continue or start any physical training/assessment programme until 12 months after the surgery.

    As a career in a combat arm now looks unlikely as does getting onto a RCC I am looking at staying in the Reserves (TA for you old and bold blokes), I'm looking at 3MI.

    Can/should I start the transfer/joining process now, as I've heard it takes a hell of a long time for the extra security clearance, or wait until I've been healed and done a TACC? If yes how should I go about it, email, phone, rock up to Worship St on a training night or all three?

    Has their admin improved? They've not received great press on this site from my casual observations.

    Finally can you shed some insight on the day to day life in the battalion, what are exercises and training nights like?

    Thanks in advance Ladies and Gentlemen.


  2. You could talk to 3MI and probably get the selection done and get the transfer done but after that you'll probably find yourself marking time in the battalion training company until you can do phys again. If you're downgraded with your current capbadge it'll be the same with 3MI.

    Security wise it does take quite a while but the biggest wait is after trade training so I wouldn't worry about it too much yet.

    Their admin is actually pretty good generally, certainly better than some units I've had dealings with. Your best option is give them a ring or an email. Do not rock up without an invite, you will be fucked off.

    As for what life is like in the battalion it has a lot of variety, exactly what goes on will be explained on an open evening.
  3. Enthusiasm should be encouraged and all that. However, at the moment you are unable to meet the physical requirements of the role. You'd just become an admin burden to the unit whilst waiting for surgery, post-surgery recovery, physio etc. You may not even meet the physical requirements afterwards. Why not do something else until you are fully fit?
  4. Walrusboy is Int Corps.

    Sent from a prone position whilst festering in my pit during my extended leave.
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  5. Walrusboy will be in his pit covered in the orangey residue of bags and bags of Wotsits. He has vast experience in the field of being an admin (and everything else) burden to his unfortunate Bn. Rebel, myself and various others have carried him for the last several years of his bluffing career.
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  6. You'll find that the admission criteria onto TACC and RCC are exactly the same. Good luck...
  7. From that description i thought i knew him, then realised it describes at least half of the Corps!😏

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  8. Thank you Heidi. This report is better than my last SJAR. Yes, I was in my pit with my orange grime covered laptop switching between arrse, and images of glam SNP politician, Nicola Sturgeon. I'm only human.
  9. I believe that your last sentence has caused considerable debate amongst the scientific community.
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  10. I know when the odds are stacked against me. There's no respect for senior men with ample girth. I'm off to the Naafi. Or maybe Old and Bold.