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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by StellaArtois13, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Hi, got a couple of questions I'm unsure about. I handed in my application today and sat my barb test and got given my medical forms to do which i will do sometime this week or next. Just wondering what the next stage is after I've done my medical? As far as I'm aware i haven't even told them what jobs I want to do? I want to go in the paratroopers, is this really that hard to get into bearing in mind I havnt been on a run for years! (going to start soon though) can somebody offer some advice as to how to get fit enough for it? Also I got given a job list after my barb test some are in bold and some are faded gray, are all these available or just the bold? and last question most of the jobs have no vacancies ie infantry (my second job choice) but the para's have 103 but there next intake is beginning of January which obviously I wont be ready for, so will jobs come available and will I have to wait a long time for vacancies? Sorry about the wall of text but I'm a bit confused at the minute LOL!
  2. You sure are, mind you there is quite a diffence regarding being confused and just thick.
  3. Before some of our more helpful members rock up, may I point you to the search function. It is to the right of your page and approx 1.5 inches from the top of the page.
  4. You will have to do maths and english tests and get your GP to fill in your medical document.
  5. 1 - Take a sheet of paper, and write a list of questions in point form, one question per line. Like this post.

    2 - Pick up the phone, call the ACIO and ask your questions of them, and write down the answer beside the question.

    3 - Wonder if the Paras' large number of vacancies might reflect the difficulty involved.
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    Go back to your local ACIO and ask them ,beats listening to some of the dribble on here ...... There's just a bunch of old wrinkly gits here these days !!!!

    Best start training if you're a couch spud !!
  7. i have searched through the sticky's mate but kind find the answers I'm looking for, I will try a search then.

    Done all the tests mate and know about the GP just wondering what happens after the medical is done? when do I get to choose my jobs ect.
  8. Did they not explain the process to you at the time?!
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  10. All he said was get the medical done I asked him what happens next but he just repeated get the medical done. Ill give them a ring another day.
  11. I dont understand why you dont know this? I was told everything and told to research some myself to know what i was getting into, i take it you havent been told or you've got a brain like a sieve
  12. You will find that the subject of intakes/Paras/fitness/Jobs lists/etc have all been covered many times on this site. Look for each of them individually and you will find enough information to keep you busy until you retire.
  13. Well he was a different recruiter to the one that originally handled my application so maybe he couldn't be arsed? the guy I first spoke to mentioned going out for runs with them and practising the icebreaker ect this guy never mentioned anything.
  14. Dial 999 and ask for the Police.
  15. ok what i did was
    1.Was given a brief about army life etc and applied. 2.Did BARB maths and eng tests. 3.handed in med form. 4.Got my first interview date in the post because ive had asthma in the past, you will be give your pre-selection date then after that you will have interviews 2&3. 5. ADSC date and where.

    thats your lot.