Advice please...

Right so i have BARB test a week today, and need to get my 3 job choices written down. My careers advisor told me they cant all be from the same area E.g. Combat...

Anyway i still haven't really come to a 100% definite decision on what i want to do in the army. At first thoughts i wanted to join the infantry at a field medic ( "combat medical technician" i think its called ) but I'm unsure as to what they actually do - i still want to work as a normal light infantry soldier or cant you be a medic aswell ?

I'm pretty intelligent, A's in A-levels so mental entry requirements for MOST army jobs wont be a bother if I'm honest. I think an infantry role is perfect for me but i kinda want more from my job than just being an infantry soldier. I'm also into IT (if that helps). Could use some advice from personal experience as to what you would do..

Thanks. :help:
Not being funny, but I would refrain from signing the dotted line and losing your rights until you are 100% satisfied with what you want to do. Bare in mind it's your career for the forseeable future, don't just tick the 'well that sounds cool' box and find that 6 months in you're sick of it. If need be, take some time on it. The recruiters won't mind, there's not a recruiting crisis at the moment and they'd rather take somebody who is 100% sure and committed, than somebody who will conk out within a year of the Army having spent all that time and money recruiting them.

Not going to advise you on trades etc because I don't know and I couldn't give you a useful answer. Just thought I'd say that, because ending up in a job you hate is a pretty shit situation, when only 12 months prior, you had a choice of whatever job you wanted. I am a civvy but work in a pretty 'glorified' industry, a lot of people come into it knowing only that they want to be in it, no idea what they want to do, then they find that the 'glorified' bit isn't that glorious at all and they're just stuck in a job they don't want, and have wasted both theirs and somebody else's time.

Get it right first time, however long it takes.
You can have a rough guide to what you want to do but until you have sat your BARB test and seen what jobs you can do (along with your academic scores) and your Recruiter then should go into a bit more detail about them with you. Right up to the interview stage which could be 2-6 months later you can work out which 3 jobs your eligable for and in what order of preference you want to do the jobs. As said above you want to pick the job that will interest you for hopefully 24 years as if you do pass ADSC then get offered a job you cannot change it once in.........this will all be explained by your Recruiter. My advice go onto the Job Role finder on the Army website to give you a bit of an idea where each job could take you.
Thanks, I understand what your saying and im pretty sure it is infantry i want to do. But i like more technical things aswell. I will have a chat with my recruiternext week then :)

-- Also ive already tried the army role finder, Came up with Infantry , Tank crewman, Infantry IT specialist, combat medical technician.
I am an Army recruiter and to be honest the Army job finder is promoting jobs that to be honest dont exist such as infantry,field medic. CMT is part of the army medical corp not the infantry. If you have A levels why not try the Intelligence Corp and use your qualifacations to your benefit. They have four main roles:
1 Signals Intel
2 Counter Intel
3 imagery Intel
4 Interpreter
The Int corp at present play an active part with the Infantry on patrols ect, so if I was you I would'nt waste your education in a none traded job. If that was the case you minds well of left school at 16 and gone to the Army College.
However if you really want Infantry you can pick three jobs the same because the Para's , Guards and Mainline Infranrty are different.Therefore you fail selection for one you fail for all and "sorry come back in 2 years". However your recruiter Probably does'nt want to put all your eggs in one basket. Infantry is hard and more recruits pull out of training than any other ATR. It is hard to give 100% advice online due to you may not show the signs of a good Infantry Man and your recruiter is being polite. Best advice I can give, If you can complete your 1.5 mile run follwed by you 1/2 mile warm up in 9.0 minutes more than 10 pull ups and come across as a very confident , mature guy then you may have a chance if not forget it.

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