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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by oj205, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have got my ACA in September and have been told to "identify at least 3 Regiments or Corps that you would be happy in on commissioning".

    I was wondering how specific they would want me to be here. I would like the AAC but am pretty sure I'm too blind for that (-1.25 if your asking), but after that I am pretty open at the moment. I'm interested in cavalry, guards, rifles (family links) and open to most areas. How much detail do you feel they will want me to go into?

    Also I am currently working full time (for a headhunting company (don't judge)) and I am now very aware that I have used all my holiday already and will obviously (hopefully) need time off for briefing and main board, as well Fam visits etc. What would people suggest to do? Sack it off and do something more flexible? Just aware that I don't really want to quit if don't get in, but then know I need time off for the interviews so in a bit of a pickle!


  2. If I were you I wouldn't think about sacking off your current job until you have at minimum a main board pass under your belt! Otherwise if you don't pass you are up jobseekers creek without a paddle :p.
  3. Agreed, I just don't know how to attack it with the time off that I will need.
  4. Why have you used all your holiday? Did the idea of a career in the forces only occur to you very recently, or are you a bit of a chancer who acts on impulse and hopes for the best?
  5. Not that in the slightest, I have actually taken a year working to make sure that the army is exactly what I want. I got offered a new job in April, that was too good to turn down, however I already had holiday booked. Becuase I am not there for the whole year I only get 13 days. 6 were taken for the previously booked holiday and 3 have to be used over Christmas. So yes I have 4 left but know that is not enough for all the different interviews.

    Sorry that was quite long winded (but you did ask!).