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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by g3org3, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi i was wanting some advice on joining the ta,i had applied to join the army last year and failed my medical so i cant re apply till august 2011,would i be able to join the ta in the mean time to keep me fit and also give me something to do.Also if this is possible how would it work next year when i would want to leave the ta and join the army ? and ive been looking up the ta and all i can see is that you need to do a min of 19 days a year but it doesnt say what the maximum you can do,as i would like to do as much as possible,any help would be great thanks.
  2. Why were you turned down?

    The TA's training days have been cut to the bone so there will be a big queue of people infront of you to take up whatever training is available.
  3. It was eczema that held up my application there was a few other things aswell but there all up now its just the eczema,they told me i have to be free from it for 3 years.
    So if i were to join the ta would i get in or would my army medical stop me?
    Also how many hours a week could i do if i were to get in ?
    thanks for the reply
  4. Not being funny mate, but why not ask at your nearest TA Centre :?
  5. I'm going to give them a call monday morning, just thought i would ask on here first,so i know if my medical would stop me or not.
  6. The TA doesn't have eczema friendly equipment, wheelchair access or blind dogs :)

    You're best off chatting with your local TA centre but to be honest there ain't much difference between the Regs and us STABs anymore.

    Looking at the TA for something to keep you busy is fine but not for keeping fit. There is hardly enough time to get specific training done so PT is mainly done in your own time.

    Get as fit as you can on stay out of trouble.
  7. The eczema i used to get was very mild on my wrists,and that was because i used to be a tiler and worked with cement i havent had it for 2 years now about the same time i stoped tilling,so thats all that seems to bring it out.I realize the ta wouldnt keep me fit was just wanting something to keep me busy till i go for the paras again,ill give them a call on monday at let yous know how it goes,thanks for the replys.
  8. Good luck mate - hope all goes well for ya!
  9. The Medicals are the same if you have been defered by the regulars the same will happen or you wont even get past speaking to the PSAO