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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wearestoke, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi all my son is in the forces and he as done something very stupid. He was desperate to fly home from abroad and he has used his mates cash card he deply regrets it now, do you think he will be discharged from the army he really wants to stay and will take any punishment but he dosent want to get discharged,what do u think

  2. This was your other post in the RLC forum

    What's that all about?

    Your 'son' did something stupid or you did?
  3. I'm assuming he did it without his mates permission?

    You wont be able to get an accurate answer without posting all the details, which you wont be able to do, because it is an ongoing case.

    I would say though, that if he is adamant to soldier on, and would still do so after some time in the Nick, that he 'should' be O.K. That's about as generic an answer as you'll be able to get I expect.


    Stinkers caught you out you thieving sprog!
  4. I noticed that...

    Shouldn't have robbed your mate's cash card. Hope you get everything you deserve, you theiving pikey.
  5. The joys of ARRSEing about! :p

    Imagine only posting twice and then finding that your first post has incriminated you for theft in your second! Outstanding!

    Surely this has to be an ARRSE first?
  6. If you get DO get busted for this theft then it is likely you will be DD'd. Frankly I cannot blame the military for that and how about being AWOL. He would not have needed to pay for the ticket if he was on leave.
    Sorry old son but the army will possibly be better off without you / he.
    You MAY be able to transfer to say the RAF regiment or another corps or regiment, but I doubt it.
  7. hope you get your fingers broken, you thieving little twat.

    rogerinfrance - firstly, it's entirely possible he could be on leave without a travel warrant. and you can't transfer between services e.g. army to RAF; you have to leave and rejoin.
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  10. You should not have spent your money on the tattoo and used it for the air fare you thieving Tosser.