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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by redz79, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have two questions

    1) I am looking to join as a CMT with the Infantry and would like to know what time I need to run the 1.5m in, I am female and 29yo.

    2) I was recently on medication for depression, it was not clinical but situational, I have made life changes which mean I am ok now and no longer on any medication. The depression was to do with being at home with my children ALL the time and my relationship with my husband being awful. I know these probably sound like really trivial things, but I am really good in a real emergency or crisis situation. What are the MO's verdicts likely to be?

  2. on the RSW I just attended, infantry had a 1.5mile time of 14mins... I'm fairly sure that applied to both genders, however I'm happy to stand corrected.

    The depression, I wouldn't like to comment on.. and I'm guessing only the doc can say yes/no for certain. I would ask at your TA Centre when you call or visit. It's worth a shot, you can't exactly lose anything by asking.
  3. I would suggest you keep the depression thing to yourself until your first medical- would not be particularly wise to blurt it out to the hairy arsed bloke on the gate!

    good luck
  4. 14 mins for selection, 13 mins once you're actually in. (As I understand it anyway, I've not gotten to selection myself yet, didn't exist last time I did all this) I'm not sure you can join the infantry even as CMT though, I thought the restriction was on any infantry cap badge rather than trade?

    I think they're OK with depression etc. caused by the situation, but it depends how recent it was - the longer ago the better. It all seems very vague with no good guidelines for the recruit. (Possibly because then people would figure out what to say...)
  5. She can join the Infantry as a Medic, but not be an Infantry Soldier as it were.

    If your proposed unit have vacancies for Medics, by all means apply Redz.

    Only the MO can decide whether or not your depression will affect your application.
  6. Thanks everyone,

    Well I have filled in my application and the doctor (GP) has done his forms, so is a waiting game now for the team in Glasgow to decide. :excited: