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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by girliebiker, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Having driven 180 odd miles to see "him" yesterday I turn up (to his place for the first time) to a hug and a kiss, great so far me thinks.

    During my visit he pops up stairs so I take the opportunity to snoop,( :oops: ) sorry look around his place, there in the window are his christmas cards. One catches my attention, a rather large expensive card "to someone special". That's not from me! Inside it says "with all my love, S*****" followed by kisses.

    I didn't mention the card whilst there, no it's much more fun to let it fester for a while :D

    On arriving home I text him to say I've arrived safely, several texts later I decide to ask about the card. 3 hours later he replys "he helped out a lady after a car accident". It took him 3 hours to come up with that one?!

    So do I give him the benifit of the doubt with the possibility that he will rip out my heart or do I walk away?
  2. new year new bloke

    bin him

    look for someone else
  3. I agree. Dragknuckle and myself will selfishly goes 3s up with you to help ease the pain.
  4. You're a wimpering pathetic bucket of clingy desperation just waiting to be walked all over.

    Can I have your phone number?
  5. If that is your leg in your avatar then count me in!
  6. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I have to agree that it does not bode well, but at least an expensive card indicates that she is not a cheap tart.

    I think you need to make your mind up what you want to do then either fight for your man, or go shopping for a new one for the new year.
  7. Only if you promise to tie me up in chains and whip me :evil:
  8. Ohhhhh..... there was no way preparing for that one when I came on this thread...... =( .

    Why were you snooping around in his appartment anyway?
  9. Apologise deeply to him. You know he is right. Offer him free complimentary blow jobs as recompense. Alternatively if you think the b@stard is guilty, come round my gaff and offer me the same.
  10. I think youre oozing desperation dear, would i be right in thinking youve been round the block more times than a tramps dog ?
  11. I'd need to see photographic evidence first, by "girliebiker" you could mean 50yr old 22 stone bint on a mobility scooter.
  12. Yep certainly have, my bits are so scabby even the dog won't come near me
  13. Peanut butter's what you need. Or Dragknuckle......he's not fussy.
  14. I am available
  15. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Deleted due to double entry. Apologies - mong keyboard skills.