Advice please what to believe?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by stellawifebeater, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. One of my boys has come to me with this problem, he thinks that his wife is having a fling or had an affair.

    The problem is his wife has been receiving very suggestive text mesages from another man. She says nothing in it he is just a friend however he has told me some of the content of the messages. One saying "lying in bed thinking of you" at 0800 the day after he moved backed into the block. Her comment was that he was concerned as she was really upset earlier the day before, knowing my lad had moved out.

    There has been others messages but they have also been having other problems in their marriage which he is also responsible for, but they were working it out. He has said that by the expression on her face when my lad told her his interpretation of the messages, she honestly hadn't seen what was going on and asked her so called friend to calm the messages down but this person has continued to text the wife.
    The real problem is the wife now understands what the problem is but has told my lad that she still wants to be friends with the other bloke. Apparently she is a very trusting person who can't see the bad in people and will always give them a second chance no matter how much they hurt her.

    The other bloke has been confronted about this matter and he kicked off at the husband.

    Now I know the that the husband is no angel he has gambling problems and shit

    What do i advise him?
  2. Something wrong there mate..Id be getting well shot
  3. What's your opinion? what do do i say to him?
  4. Snail different people different story I just want advice on this one thanks.

    I didn't put this in the Naafi for a reason

    Mod edit: and thats why I've deleted the Slugs posts.
  5. I'd say she hasn't done aything with this fella. The fella is obviously unable to take the fact that she doesn't see him like that. So he will carry on adamant on getting a slice.

    The problem here is the fact that women don't seem to be able to see this. They think the fella is just being nice (yeah he is being nice for a reason ;) ).

    There is nothing that you lad can do except just wait for this c**t to slip up and show her what he is really after. Until then just tell him to not take it out on her (otherwise she will feel pushed away and you know who will be waiting for his chance).

  6. That is what is happening.

    Slug dont know what you are on about this is a differrent case, my pm's arnt working for some reason
  7. I admit that if I was your lad in this position I would be going crazy. I don't actually think there is anything that would calm him down either (taking this fella out back for a good kicking might work but it will only cause more fuss).

    You need to sit him down and warn him that if he pushes her away he will lose her, then only thing he will want to do is kick f**k outta the bloke. He has to tell her what he thinks (the bloke wants a slice and your lad is feeling threated (not the correct word but along these lines) that she won't put his wishes before this "friend".

    From experience she will either see that he is being very sincere and cut all ties with this bloke or she will say that there is nothing to worry about and its him that she loves etc etc.

    Apart from sitting down and talking to her, he really can't do anything else but be his usual self. She will notice a difference straight away if he is pushing her away and it will only be into the c**nts arms.

  8. Sounds about right

  9. Quick update he has just come into the office and told me he has given her an ultimatum ie: choose between the bloke or the husband. Where should I take this from here?

    He has also said that when they where doing the deed she spoke directly to the other bloke.
  10. If the husband was one of my section and the 'friend' wasn't then I would expect the section to rally round the husband and impart a bit of imminence to the 'friend' along the lines of "Back off or be stretchered off".
    If the 'friend' is in your section too then you need to get it sorted quick before the rest of the section take sides. In which case a chat is needed with both husband and 'friend' and it may be necessary to lean on the 'friend' a bit for the sake of harmony.
    If the 'friend' isn't in the section a good ploy I used to employ was to have a section social and invite the wives. Brief everyone to make a point of (subtly) letting the wife see that her husband was a valued and respected member of the section, it works wonders.
    If the 'friend' is a civvi give him a good kicking out of principle.
  11. What, as in she called out his name, or talked to him on the phone?

    And would the deed be coital?

    If she values the marriage then she should drop the "friend", as the husband is obviously getting very stressed about this. If it's an old friend then he should have the decency to respect the husbands wishes.....unless of course, he fancies his chances with her, if this is the case then go with the gut instincts of changing his facial appearance by continous re-applications of a fist or two....
  12. Should you really be discussing this blokes personal life on an internet website? Does he know that you are doing this? My advice to you is report it 'confidentially' to your line management and stop plastering the blokes private affairs on a public website.
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