Advice please - Rememberance Day

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by CadetDad, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Apologies, is my first post.

    My lad had joined the ACF is having a great time. He's spent the weekend freezing his bits off and selling poppies.

    His Company Commander has allowed the cadets to wear the cap badge/beret of a parent/grand parent.

    I have the correct beret and cap badge for his gradfather, however the badge seems to sit very high. Nearly an inch from the leather band on the beret.

    As I have never served, I have no idea if this is right and I can't ask Grandad as it is a surprise.

    Am I using the wrong badge? Is there a beret badge?

    Apologies if I'm not making sense, just want the lad to look perfect for his Grandad.

    A Proud Dad
  2. If you can tell us what Regt his grandad was in, I'm sure that someone on here will be able to tell you exactly what it should look like.
  3. A few questions; what regiment was his grandfather?

    Could you whack on a photo at all?

    You may find you get more replies if you posted this in the military history forum.

    Kudos to your son by the way.
  4. Grandad was in 1 Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

    I'm struggling to upload the photos. So I'm guessing email will be the only way to get them seen.....unless someone can help me upload. LOL
  5. hi,

    im sure i was intially taught the base of the capbadge is two fingers width up from the band .. .which is almost an inch on my fat fingers!

    hope that helps
  6. the badge is an upturned hunting horn, thecentre of the horn should be about 1/4 inch above theleather strip around the beret
  7. hope you got my email but the above is correct about 10mm above the leather strip an the beret should be two finger widths above the eye brow center of badge above left eye
  8. Just put a hole in the right place on the Beret, if it's been used for another cap badge it could be in the wrong place
  9. A heart felt thanks to all that replied, emailed me and general offered advice re: KOYLI cap badge and beret.

    End result - My son wore his Grandad's beret and badge, correctly and with pride. His appearance was complimented by his Sergeant Instructor and some old soldiers at the War Memorial.

    My step-son also looked the dogs danglies in his space cadet uniform.

    Because Grandad is ill and unable to attend, we rocked down to see him immediately afterwards.

    Result one very touched and proud old soldier!

    Many thanks again

    Proud Dad.