Advice please, reference medical

Went for annual medical yesterday, medic says I failed urine test because there are minute traces of blood ?? I have had this before in other routine urine tests. Perfectly healthy, bit overweight, don't smoke, do fizz at least twice a week, don't drink excessively, dont know of any kidney stones ??
Is blood in urine a problem, and what do I need to do to clear it up.
I didn't realise that you could fail a urine's not like the 11 plus....however top man a variety of things can cause this from excess monkey spanking to prostatitis benign or is probably a low grade urinary infection but without knowing what else was on the dipstick it is difficult to know, however I would pop down to the gp's and let him examine you and re test your urine. Don't have a w**k or rough sex the night before and be prepared for him to stick his or her finger up your arse to play with your prostate.This can be a smidgen uncomfortable ,but if you do it when having the old in out in out this could be the cause of your problem in the first place!! Enjoy.
Having a trace positive for haematurea is very common. It can be caused by physical training, illness or raised blood pressure to name but a few. Normal drills are to have the urine dipstick test repeated after a week to see if the result is different. In most cases, it will sort itself out very quickly. At least half of the people who present at my clinic for medicals have this problem from time to time, due to the fact that it's a very fit Regiment and most of the blokes overtrain.

Hope this helps :D

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