Advice please people, ref Environmental Health Technician

Hi guys, I need some information on the above SQ please. I recently left the army after doing 7 years in the Int Corps, and have found that civvie street is not such a great option. I am keen to get back in, but not in my previous job or cap badge. I have read the bumpf on the army jobs website regarding EHT, but would like some feedback from someone who has actually done the training on what its like, likely postings, promotion prospects etc. I only left the Int Corps in June as a Corporal, and had come off the board for promotion to Sgt. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Many thanks! :D :D :D
I'm by no means the best person to comment, but while you await the replies of others...

Environmental Health is a very small cadre within the RAMC. I believe there is only one board per year for those joining as an EHT, and the majority of those attending are soldiers wishing to transfer in.

I understand the training is excellent, hard work, but it leads to a Foundation Degree in Environmental Health. There is the possibility of applying for commission, and becoming an Environmental Health Officer. Both are very much in demand in the outside world.

Postings vary, but include Divisional Environmental Health Teams, teaching, overseas postings (Gibraltar, Cyprus, Kenya), and of course deployment on operations. There is even an EHT attached to the special forces.

Personally, I think it's an interesting and varied trade.

However, hopefully someone will be along soon that can shed more light on the training (and the truth about the job)!

That's a good summary, but the Environmental Health Cadre is fully recruited (actually it is overborne), and each year the few new places on the Foundation Degree course are swamped by applicants wishing to transfer (last year over 20 applicants for just 4 places).

So, there's nothing to stop you from applying to come back in with a view to going EH, but be under no illusion that the cadre can afford to be very choosy, and the competition is fierce. I recommend that you call SO3 AMS Recruiting at Army Medical Directorate to discuss your position. Maybe someone will come along and post his telephone number, which I do not have to hand.
mmm, thanks for the info guys, I had a feeling it would be well subscribed! Anyway I like a challenge so I'll see what the craic is anyway. Thanks for the feedback. :)
The next selection day is 14/15 Oct 09. PM me and I will give you all the information you need.

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