Advice please - PCCBC in a week and I spent Tuesday night in hospital!

Morning all

I've got my PCCBC starting next Tuesday and all my prep's been going swimmingly until Tuesday when I came down with some seriously bad stomach pain which resulted in being rushed to hospital, lots of blood tests, an inconclusive result and being sent home with shedloads of tramadol. Two days on, I'm feeling loads better but still rather worn out and a little bit concerned about how much my phys will be affected next week. I think that the best thing to do is just see how I go over the weekend, but has anyone had similar experiences and perhaps had to try to book onto a later PCCBC at this late stage?

Hi C_W,
I would not worry too much, the phys is a 1.5 mile run under 10.30 minutes, 44 press ups in under 2 minutes and 50 sit ups in under 2 minutes. If you managed the bleep test at the brief you will be fine for the run, just give it your all, if you don't get your best performance it doesn't matter so long as you make the time. Just rest from now till then, drink loads of fluids, eat the right stuff and you will be fine, don't panic!
See you in Jan!
The Wednesday prior to my main board (6 days) I went down with some pretty nasty food poisoning. The Friday after that I smashed out a PFA with great results and yet the following Tuesday at main board I really struggled to meet the standards.

I would suggest giving OCAC a call, telling them the situation and getting yourself booked in on a later PCCBC this month - I'll be there 16th to 18th and I believe there was another after that as well.

Hope you feel better!

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