Advice Please - Is this bloke just an old walt?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rgjbloke, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Is this bloke just an old walt?

    I realise this is a Navy related so your advice might be where I should post it so it get's proper attention but in the meantime because it's aviation related, I've put it here.

    I don't talk about my days in the mob on the basis that 1) I can't be bothered, 2) most people wouldn't want to hear about it anyway and 3) it was so long ago, I can't remember half of it myself but there is a bloke I keep coming across in my local boozer who delights in telling anybody who is in earshot that he is an old Royal Navy officer. The bloke is retired but drives buses part time for some extra money and can to put it bluntly be a pain especially when he's had a few which is most of the time. I finally got fed up with it the other night and told the guy that I thought he was talking mostly rubbish. He said he was a commissioned officer and a navy trainee pilot and served for 9 months in 1957 but was discharged because he failed his pilots course. He then subsequently told me he served for 6 months. He gave me a service number which he called a Naval Commissioned Warrant (NCW) and the number 2176/1957.

    I wonder if anybody here might know anything about navy pilot training in those days for instance, how long would he have been at the officers training before he started any flying lessons etc and how can I verify the number that he has given me here?

    Thanks in advance for any advice etc.
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  2. Is there any way of posting it there without having to actually join it. It seem's a bit daft to join it just to get an answer on this single issue when not having been in the Royal Navy, I don't really have an interest in being on Rum Ration?
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  3. What's the problem with joining RR? It's not as if they want any money off people any more than ARRSE, eGoat, pPrune or whatever. The people running the websites don't sell your details to third parties so you won't get bombarded with spam mails - so crack on.
  4. There isn't a problem. I'm ex Army, not ex Navy. Read my post again.
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  5. It's a website you divot, you're not going to get pressganged for a life of rum, sodomy and the lash :roll:

    Ask these people:
  6. Damn - thats 5 minutes registration time wasted then.. :)
  7. You need to speak to Thingy and Type 42 I'm sure they can oblige. :D
  8. Sounds a bit strange to me, 9 months would have only had him part way through Dartmouth Naval College. His Pilot training would not commence until he was finished at Dartmouth after which he would have gone onto Sea training, this would probably have been a year or more learning about ships. Only then would he have gone on to flying training.
  9. Ravers

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    Get yourself on Rumration, the level of banter is considerably better and we are actually allowed to wind up the Newbies. ;)

    And yes your man in the pub is full of shite.
  10. Gentlemen, Thanks for you help. in particular no_duff for relaying my post to rum ration and ex_stab for the link to the Fleet Air Arm Association whom I have e-mailed with the details.
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  11. Sigh! I love a happy ending.