advice please, I signed off... and attempting to sign back on :/

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Ultraaddiction, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. So basically usually happend, I signed off figuring I would find something but then the worse happened... the Mrs fell pregnant.So Signed off Oct 30th, Signed on 9 Feb. The unit lost paperwork (apparently) and on 19th April I was told my RHQ are supporting my application, the problem is JPA has not changed and I feel I am getting the run around.I feel starting my resettlement process would mean taking time off work, and we all know they don't like you having time off so that may be the leverage they need to ACTUALLY sign me back on.I have a feeling they are being sneaky and waiting out to see if my capbadge will be in the firing line for the cuts, and yip you guessed it.... It will be me that's first to go.What's your thoughts? I have tried talking to the RSM, he keeps moving my meeting with him... did it 4 days in a row!Would love some advice as feeling pretty down now, scared of being unemployed with baby on the way :(
  2. It was your decision to sign off

    It was your decision to have unprotected sex

    Rejoins in the current climate of PAP10 and redundancies - a no go - try reading DINs and ABNs

    You a paranoid, you have 12 months from signing off to sort your yes YOUR life out.

    What on earth do you think the RSM can do? its the RCMO you need to see.

    Read JSP 534 - it tells you about the Resettlement process ie your ENTITLEMENTS and again that word YOUR

    3 things will happen to you in Life, Taxes, leaving the army, and death, get used to it
  3. Are you in a pinch point trade?

    Yes - you might have a chance.

    No - best you get your resettlement squared away my friend.

    As Bipolar77 says, there is no chance of signing back on at the moment.

    Best of luck.
  4. i implore you to see the RCMO. Generally good chaps with pages of DINs and ABNs that will no doubt be able to sort your Admin Vortex. I mean career management isn't your responsibility is it?

    Get ******* real chump, have a bit of morale courage, and sort your life out.
  5. Thought that you were too important for them to let you go eh?
  6. Unlucky mate. It's a cardinal sin to make a move without one foot on the ground. Didn't your time in the Army teach you that?

    The chances of getting accepted back on strength while redundancies are in the offing are low to negligible. See the RCMO.
  7. leverage to sign you back on?

    As above. If you are in a pinch point (which if they are suggesting redundancy probably not) you may have a chance of getting back in.

    If not, you NEED to sort your sh1t out. Get all the courses you can, and start lookin gin to where you'll live etc when you leave.

    Perhaps contact your/her parents for a bit of lodging.
  8. No comment.

    I sometimes despair.

    Then I discovered I do have a life.

    You all know what to do if you don't like it.
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  9. maguire

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  12. Dale, you are becoming more cryptic with every day that passes. Why not just get to the point and say what you mean for a change.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Signing back on even not in a pinch trade can be done but it depends on wether your a good bloke or a ****! The co can do it you need people to persuade him to ie rcmo etc sounds to me like your a fanny so your fucked you can always do cp as every **** says as a default oh really stacks of visas for that and stacks of work if your s private!
  14. What?
  15. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    The only person who can authorise you signing on is your career manager; the person listed JPA. Your CO can recomend that you are allowed to withdraw your NTT, however he can only recommend. Andwhat unit still uses paperwork, have you no access to JPA? Is it locked away?
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