Advice please - Help for Heroes inspired

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SandExporter, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this isn't viewed as the correct forum.

    My kids have decided to send goodie bags for those at the sharp end in the lands of sand - they saw me on the Help for Heroes site and asked me what it was all about.

    Long story short - What is useful/desireable to find in this sort of thing?

    So far the list from H4H contains:

    Sweets (Mints, Haribo, Jelly Babies, Chewing gum, etc)
    Magazines - FHM, Zoo, car & Bike mags

    The kids want to put Christmas Cards in for the later ones.

    What else?

    Oxo cubes? Cook-in sauces (dry powders)?
    Alchol hand rub? - has been suggested on Rum Ration apparently.
    Chinagraph pens (? Not a clue but I'm sure I can find some)

    I'd appreciate the guidance.

    Please keep the feedback clean, in case my littles see this!
  2. Packs of cards
    cheap travel games

    Anything that might help break up the boredom of the dessert
  3. Baby wipes
    Shower gels
    Tabasco sauce
  4. Thanks guys, all added to the list.

    All I have to do now is charm suppliers and shops out of it!! Looking at the date, I best get a move on!
  5. A letter from someone who cares.
    Nothing dehydrated.
    Boiled sweets, anything that doesn't melt.

    All done with love.

    It doesn't matter what you put in so much as I know that you put it in because you cared and thought about me.

    Back to Telic.
    And thank you.
  6. socks white sports type
    pot noodles or similiar such snacks ie super noddles