Advice please Chaps: How to Delay a Womans Orgasm?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TURRETMUPPET, May 26, 2007.

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  1. I received a text from a bi female i`m friends with and she enquired as to how she can prevent her girlfriend cumming to i`ve never had that problem quite the opposite i just texted back "when you think she is going to arrive stop licking her" i was a bit concerned as most women loose the edge if say in our case the woman stops during the vinegar stroke any advice on the subject guys as i know some of you have ventured to depths where many havent.would biting the clitoris assist her when making love to her missus ?
  2. At arrival point, hit her with a lump hammer.
  3. Tie her to the bed, bang one in her till you cum, leave her there, go to the pub for a few hours, then come back and start again. Jobs a good un.
  4. send her my way - most womnen mark me as a fail... but everytime I achieve my goals :)
  5. Saw her feet off
  6. I take it you make luuurve in a tool shed like me then? Hammers and saws- the way forward!
  7. Funny ones lads but she is going to hers tonight for bit of bean flicking and licking and if i can give her the solution i mean a small round pea sized plop with blood running thru cant be that hard to of my colleagues just said "Get her to put Ralgex on the clit" i think thats a bit heavy.......would it work?
  8. I find going out to watch rugby, followed by a curry and a "few" beers with one's mates can delay my wife's orgasm for anything up to three weeks...especially if you come home and initiate lovemaking straight after a tiger Fal and three large Bangra beers.
  9. I once told a bunch of recruits that this stuff was the business for delaying the male orgasm. Unfortunately one of them took me seriously and suffered much pain.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Don't have sex with her, shag her sister.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I thought only men were snipers?
    Couldn't she flick the been and induce multiple orgasams?
    Get her so she squirts and then carry on until she can take no more
    (that usually means she is under the patio in bllack bags!!)
    That way she will be the greatest at eating from the furry cup and your 'mate' may reward you :wink:
  12. Apparently these are the dogs cahoonas in the lesbian community. Pump up the jam?
    Sucker pump

    Never having tried them myself of course
  13. If your lucky enough she gives you the silent treatment and doesnt talk to you which allows more time for sport. :twisted:
  14. She hasnt got a sister.i had rudies before she went Bi sexual but her opening was how can i say polo mintish.camel thru eye of needle.even with KY assistance entry was painful and difficult.she prefers women now as they taste better and complains her missus is too juicy and cums too quick.cant blame her missus as she is soooo peachy.there must be a delay method available.....dusk is approaching fast
  15. Does she turn into a vampire :wink: