Advice please! 412 (V) Troop


I wonder if any ARRSE members can help pull some strings?!

Basically, I have been wanting to green again and join the troop in Hameln but there are obstacles which I have not been able to sort to date. I reside with my family in Dortmund.

Grateful for any help.

If you can play the flute the Pied Piper is looking for a Stunt Double, he wonders why its harder nowadays to get dressed up in bright clothing and get children to follow him through the streets...go figure. Unfortunately Hameln is a Bit of a tourist trap (Blackpool Buses full of old people) and the outlying idustries are starting to cave in due to land/property prices.

What sort of work r u looking 4?
why close to Hameln ? the travel claim alone is probably more than youre days pay , :) Plus there are a few others in youre area who travel up to Hameln on a regular basis !


What obstacles? What help are you after? PM me if necessary.

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