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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by AJB, May 1, 2013.

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  1. AJB


    I'm a TA LCpl and, due to some admin cock-ups within the company I have not had my bounty signed off for the last training year - despite meeting the criteria.
    I have been advised by our PSI that in order to challenge this I need to write a letter to the CO of the regiment stating the reasons for the challenge.
    What I'm after is the correct format that this letter should take; greeting, sign off etc.
    Can anyone advise? I've done a search but can only find examples that don't quite fit in with what I'm looking for. I'm not even sure a lance jack SHOULD write to a Colonel directly, but that's what I've been told....
  2. Personally, I would challenge the clerks first, in writing so you have a record and get a written or e-mail response. If not resolved, you could consider then escalating it to the Adjt or submitting a service complaint.

    If you write directly to the CO, it should be respectful and clear what the issue is and what resolution you are seeking.
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  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Get all your facts together and write a draft letter. Take that to your PSI and he/she should be able to help you lay it out properly. If not the PSI then one of your officers with a few years in should be able to help.

    Main thing is don't try to bluff and con, just tell the truth and give reasons for any actions taken/not taken. Lastly, it is probably not helpful if you finish off by saying "I know where you live....!"
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  4. AJB


    Thanks gents (assuming you're both gents). I am hoping to get this resolved in-house without the letter, so I'm tackling it on a couple of different fronts, but I would like to have a letter written and ready to print (if printing is deemed acceptable?) if needs be. Just in case.....
    I'm not actually sure the letter would ever reach the CO - it has to be written and physically handed to the PSI by Wed next week, so theoretically may not go any further up the CoC....
  5. Ch Clerk mate, that's what they're they're for, apparently. There's a million rules for service writing and we plebs aren't expected to know them all however just be careful what you put in it. If you can't swear to the accuracy of something or indeed are unsure about it, best to leave it out as the CO doesn't want to hear irrelevant wibblings.

    Best way to bypass CoC is to wrap letter around a brick and post it through CO's conservatory roof at 3am. At least he won't be able to claim he never got it :)
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  6. It will - if for no other reason than that you may decide to post a follow-up letter directly to your CO. "Dear Sir, on 6 May I gave SSgt XXX a letter to be forwarded to you. Three weeks have passed and I have not yet received a response..."

    Best bet is to e-mail your clerks, asking why your Bounty hasn't gone through. You'll then have a hard-copy reply (when you print it) which you can refer to if you still need to contact your CO. Despite all this military stuff, you and your CO are both people so write your letter calmly, clearly and concisely. Let the SNCOs and above worry about writing letters in JSP 101 format.
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  7. AJB


    I thought the same, but we're a bit short of clerky types in our unit at the moment so I didn't get a lot of joy. As the font of all military knowledge, I thought ARRSE would be my next port of call!

    Good idea - I'll do that tonight! I'm not sure which conservatory is hers though, so I'd best pick up a pallet load of bricks before I set off - just to make sure....
  8. Someone is trying to have you off, mate. Don't write to the CO directly, as a Lance Jack. It'll be a bad way to hand your notice in. If the PSI has recommended you do this, he either doesn't like you and has mischief in his mind or he is a functioning alcoholic who has few moments of lucidity. Write a letter or send an email to your CSM and copy in your sect/tp senior/officer so they are sighted on the issue. The CSM should then speak to the OC and the SPSI. The OC may also speak to the TM. If it still can't be resolved the OC can then make representations to the CO (if the request is considered valid). It's all a bit convoluted, I know, but there are people queuing up everywhere to be offended by even the most minor CoC violation. In reality, if you have a case, this should be sorted out with a couple of phone calls. By writing directly to the CO you will have cut out your det/tp management, the CSM, PSAO, OC, SPSI, SVWO, RSM and TM. Have a think about it. Your PSI must have rocks in his head.

    Mind you if your CO is a STAB and he's a good mate of yours, just wander into his office with a big brew and a couple of Dundee biscuits.
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  9. Start with the Chief Shark
  10. AJB


    I can neither confirm nor deny this...... However, the advice was not just to me, it was published (in BOLD RED CAPITALS) in the weekly training bulleting that gets e-mailed out to the whole company, along with key people in Regt. Apparently the logic behind it is so that he can collate all of the letters and present it to the CO in one batch rather than individually.

    Nah, she's a regular Colonel up at RHQ. She is very approachable, as I discovered when she visited the TAC a few weeks back, but her office isn't within wandering distance. The brew would be stone cold by the time I got there!
  11. Conservatory - it's the only way mate...... wear gloves.
  12. Drench yourself in unleaded and then walk in to the COs office with some brews and some biccies... even if you have to go through the Adjts office, I doubt they'll stop you.

    That said, I would imgane the CO isn't going to be too chffed with this landing on her desk... ask your fellow stabs, I've not heard of letters going direct to the CO about anything in the normal chain of events.

    RAO should deal with this. Either your clerk, Cheif, RAWO or RAO (in that order) keeping your own CoC informed. Ths shouldn't need to get to CO level. She's got enough to do.
  13. I had this problem when I was a lance corporal. It was resolved very quickly.

    Just write a short polite letter. Start With Dear Madam

    Introduce yourself and put the facts of your case:
    1. Not paid Bounty
    2. The reasons given if any
    3. Your reasons why you believe you should be. Include evidence as an attachment if you can e.g. if they are saying you did insufficient days or missed camp attach a sheet detailing the days you have completed in a simple table. Nothing complex.

    Thank her for reading your letter and sign off Yours faithfully with Name rank and number and any other contact details (email, mobile) printed below.

    The simpler your letter is the more chance you'll get a quick response
  14. Before you go straight to the CO, run it past your SSM or request an interview with your OC. If they are worth their salt, they should be able to fix it. If they f**k you off at the high port, then you have a case to go to the top.

    In reality, if you write directly to your CO, before running it past your CoC, she will take note, and fire it back at your OC and see if he or she will sort it. You may well piss off your OC by going round him/her.
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