advice on which regiment to join

just need some advice on which regiment to join.
i am interested in joining the RAC but not sure which regiment.
i live in wales and i want to be based in the uk not abroad.
so any suggestions
Hate to mention this but youre joining the Army ! If they say youre going abroad to a posting then you go abroad.. simple as that. Why oh why do you want to stay in the UK ? Get yourself overseas and see what the world has to offer.. read some of the tales of derring-do on this site to see what escapades the chaps and chappesses got up to.. live a little ! And lets face it.. with the world as it is at the moment, theres a good possibility that youre going to be spending some time in a hot sandy place for 6 months at a time...

If you cant let go of your moms apron strings or bear to be away from your girlfriend then do you really want to join up ????
If you are a taff, the QDGs is YOUR regiment. It is based in Germany. Or you could (IIRC) join the HCR, they are based in London, and I doubt they'll ever move, unless it is to destroy parlimentry roundheads.

Like ExScaleyBleep says. Your joining the Army. Get used to the idea of being away from home. You could join a unit based in UK, which then rotates out to Germany and vice versa.

Why do you want to stay in UK anyway? Much better lifestyle abroad. Germany is top fun.

Why do you want to join the RAC. Anyother capbadge interest you?
mash said:
aint qdg just recce cause i want more armour
what ???? would you care to expand on that.. preferably in human speak... you asked for advice.. at least have the decency to respond in kind and offer some justification on what you want/would like to do with your (potential) Army career...

This isn't me having a pop at you.. but others will if you don't learn very quickly about banter and respect.
sorry if i affended any one (didnt mean to )
what i meant was i thought the QDG was just recconicanse (cant spell to well sorry), i want to be in an armoured unit with the challenger 2 battle tank
mash said:
sorry if i affended any one (didnt mean to )
wat i meant was i thought the QDG was just recconicanse (spell sorry), i want to be in a armoured unit
Yeah but you also said you wanted to be based in the UK?

This is the Army, you sign up, you get told what to do and where you are going, okay you might have some input as to where you want to serve but get used to the fact that you do as you are told and not as you like.

If at this early stage you are in the process of thinking "i want" instead of " i will just get on with it" you arent going to enjoy life i can assure you, as a trooper in the RAC you are going abroad ;)
ok i should have put it better
just want some advice on what regiments in the RAC are armoured because the recconisence dosent appeal to me
Why not look in our bit of the forum then??? Besides advice on what not to drink, and how we all hate the 9/12th we actually may have some relevant posts. BUT whatever Reg you join your going abroad and somewhere Hot and Sandy
one more thing wen you are based abroad how long can you be there at any one time or is permanant
It varies, if you mean on operational tours, you are looking at 6 months away at a time. If you mean posting- ie; Germany- Your regiment could be there from as little as 2 years before moving. Be aware though, my Regiment (also RAC) have been in Germany since I joined in 1999. They were there before that, and don't look to be moving anytime soon either.

It has been said before, but you should expect to take a trip away from the valleys and fleecey girlfriends sooner rather than later, it really is the best way to make the most of life. The UK is crap these days, I joined up to get away from it an see more of the world.


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Sorry to butt in on a Armoured type thingy, but I have a question.

When was the last time tanks (I mean MBTs like the ones 'mash' fancies) were used in any role apart from Exercise/KAPE in the UK?

Doesn't that give you a clue that you might possibly go abroad at some point?
Mash - why do you want to stay in the UK?

If you have a good reason (family commitment, ill relative, whatever), then the lads' points are valid - you will go away, even if you join a UK CR2 Regt (of which I think there are a couple around Salisbury Plain - KRH?). It's like this:

Exercise in the UK - probably only on Salisbury Plain for CR2, but could be 6 weeks.

Exercise in Canada - at least 2 months of the year, but you might be lucky and do a Back to Back - 4-5 months. Most units will do this each year.

Exercises in Poland and/or Germany - depends on what your Regiment are up to and what the Brigade they support are doing. But could be every year.

Operations - one 6 month tour about every 2 years.

So reckon on being in the UK, in Barracks, for about 6 months of the year, if that. then throw in all the "normal" things that go on. If you are looking to join the Army to remain an hour away from home, go back every weekend and see your mates/girlfriend/mum then you might not be too happy.
mash, seriously mate.

Why do you want to stay in UK.

What appeals about MBT? Why not recce?

UK is bonk mate. Germany is the spotty dogs sweaty gonads.

As for MBT/recce. I am not Cav, but I can see some good and bad points in them both.
I joined the SCOTS DG because I wanted to be in Germany and wanted to be on MBT. Guess what, we're taking Bulldog to Iraq soon. So whatever regiment you join, MBT or not, doesn't mean you will get what you want.
Haven't the QRLs been driving around the desert in Landys recently?
chocolate_frog said:
Haven't the QRLs been driving around the desert in Landys recently?
Had been on Telic 9, now in Afghanistan in Scimmys etc, so at least youll see lots of sand in the QRL :)

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