Advice on which daysack to get

I am in the market for a new MTP daysack, willing to spend up to £100 but that is not a strict limit, nor do I need to spend that amount if there is a good value for money option out there.

Preferably 35-50L

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.


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I quite fancy one of these:

You can get it in MTP too.

Based on the recommendation of a mate I was going to get a camelbak motherlode but this is half the price.

I only plan to use it for hill walking/rough camping etc. I'm not in the mob anymore but I like the robustness and feel of military gear.

Also, civvy backpacks look uber gay.
I like the issue one, lots going for it as well.

1, Its free.
2, If it breaks the man at the stores gives you another for swapps.
2, lots of money for a night out.

And the search function must not be working again, can some one look at it please.
far as I'm concerned, nowadays, if it ain't issued I don't fuckin need it !!!!!


There are literally several threads on this topic, however I would go with Defender (not in that way!) and recommend the new issued daysack. It is iirc a Karrimor SF and is very very good.

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