Advice on where to start, to end up in the right place?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stuart576, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. I am currently finishing my last year of 6th form doing maths, physics and computer science.

    I want to join an armed service, whether it is the Army or the RAF remains to be seen but I ultimately would like to end up in the SAS. Now I know you need to have been in service for a few years (not sure how many) to apply and the selection process is tough. But I consider myself fit, I do ju-jitsu and will be going for my black belt in a few months. Anyway I am hoping someone could shed some light on a possible career path or maybe their own experiences.

  2. I read somewhere, over the weekend, that currently 58% of SAS personnel are drawn from the Parachute Regiment.

    If that's true (or true-ish) then that should focus you on a start point that will maximise the possiblilty of achieving your end point.
  3. Join the RAF Regiment, and save yourself the bother of having to decide.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Phasers set to Wah.

    Right, why oh Lordy would you be thinking about this at 17/18? Ross Kemp tickled your fancy? Chop Sockey is not part of Selection either (underwater knife fighting, on the other hand, is an essential requirement)

    Looking at your Studies, wouldn't you be better off going to University, and applying down the Officer Training Corp (OTC) route? Then you could join any Infantry Battalion, or maybe even a technical trade. Selection is open across the Service, so its not limited to what trade you do.
  5. If you're prepared to consider joining the RAF with a view to eventually going SAS, I'm surprised that you're not also considering St Johns Ambulance, Pontins Bluecoats or The Highways Agency.
  6. Well I really don't want anymore full time education, I can only just cope with this last year of A-levels. I havent seen any of the Ross Kemp programs, should I dig some up to have a look at? What is Chop Sockey?

    I want to go into the services, but it is a personal challenge to be the best and why not do it properly and go for the 22nd regiment? I have read up quite a bit about this and will be popping into a careers office in the next few weeks, what kind of things will they ask at the careers office?
  7. Are you good with kids, can you dance and can you hold a tune?
  8. Have you ever eaten offal, are you scared of blood and do you call that a moustache ?
  9. this has to be a piss take.

    or he has been watching to many ultimate force episodes
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    "Did you bring your tap dancing shoes?"

    "How good are you at reach arounds?"

    Every man and his dog has read Bravo Lies Zero, and quite a few other THEM stories too. I wonder how many times recruiting Sgt's have heard the phrase 'I want to be in the SAS one day'?

    You would be better off looking to one of the 'elite' Units such as RMP, RLC, Wedgies... :D

    Nah, why not Para's, Marines, etc - everybody wants to join them, right? Or if you are really Speshul, the RAF Regiment, like you said. They are in the SFSG, don't you know....

    If you are really feeling brave, why bother with the Regulars? Go straight for 21/23 SAS(R) Selection? Only takes 2 years...

    My thoughts also.
  11. If you really wanted to be SAS im sure you would have researched it more, i highly doubt theres any SAS lurking about on here, so i wouldnt think you'de get any advice just opinions.

    On the other hand, i've heard punching your senior officer in the gnads whilst taking a bottle of vodka to the eyeball gets you in the SAS quicker than most.

  12. This should be done at the recruiting centre.
  13. nah i am sas but shhhh dont tell anyone its a secret
    it helps if ur scottish aswell cos the sas is ment to built up of 60% scottish. but i can promise u if u walk into the careers office and say i want to be in the sas they will laugh at u!
    its true that most of the sas are x paras so if u are serious about wanting to go sas then the paras is ur best option! but the sas needs people from most of the jobs in the army as far as am aware to help suport them!

    there no harm in aiming high but thats years down the line! dont join cos u want that cos u might not get in to the sas and them u might be stuck doing something u dont want to!
    how fit are u? cos even entry into the paras u have to be pretty fit!

    not convinced ur not taking the urine but i thought i would reply
  14. I'm not sure you're doing the right A-Levels for joining THEM either. I believe English Lit is a requirement.
  15. LOL