Advice on what affairs to focus on?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Finchy101, Sep 28, 2017.

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  1. I've got special to arm selection soon and I need to study current affairs for the tasks that will be given. Anyone got advice on what Current Affairs I should focus on? Thanks.
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  2. X-Factor and Bake Off should see you through.
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  3. Have a think about which current affairs could have an influence on UK defence issues. No matter which issues you choose to focus on, make sure to actually do some reading up on the subject/s, and don't try to ad lib.
  4. Read The Week,or other such similar weekly news magazine. Listen to Today or PM on Radio 4.
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  5. Distrust the French!

    Other than that, learn history, from several viewpoints, local and native, check current views, and view potential, i.e. use your sodding brain!

    Other than that, follow the 6 w's.
  6. Private Eye?
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  7. Thanks for the feedback, Do you's have any affairs specifically that I should prioritise studying? I've been looking at the trade dispute with Boeing and the Kurdish referendum etc, not sure if i'm wasting my time.
  8. If you're looking at current politics, the situation with catalan v the rest of spain will stand you in good stead, with reference, of course, to 'the troubles', as an example.

    Sudan is also an avenue to explore.
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  9. Proposed EU defence force and how it might impact on us post brexit. Effects of defence and the last/next sdsr. Also a look at force integration, manning and future equipment wouldn't go amiss. :cool:
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  10. That's what I read I must confess.
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  11. +1 for The Week and the Economist, I find they encourage curating important stories instead of following everything that appears in the national headlines.

    Also The Atlantic for deeper dives into news stories: World Edition

    Radio: World Service's Outlook and Newsday programmes and World Update: BBC World Service - World Update, European Parliament: Catalonia Referendum is Illegal

    Personally I avoid the headline-type programmes and try to follow stories which have had more time to develop.
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  12. Another +1 for the Economist, also The Spectator and New Statesman are worth a look if only for the opinion pieces as opposed to raw news. When mush_lad was thinking about joining up, I'd encourage him to pick an opinion article, verbally summarise it, and then create an opposing viewpoint that was as factual as possible.

    I'd also recommend some of the news apps for your phone - AlJezera and France24 will give a non-british view on world events, if only for variety. E.g The Qatar-Gulf crisis, the Rohingya refugee issue or Catalan independence.
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  13. It'll not be popular, but, The Daily Sport, and The Sunday Sport. They're famous for tits and bullshit, but in the past, several times, I have seen them print stories several days in advance of the mainstream media.

    So, they're a joke the big boys take seriously.
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  14. Focus on brexit
  15. **** Brexit. The vast majority of the world will trundle on, and probably neither knowing, nor caring, that Britain has left a syndicate. Look to the real world.