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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Otis, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. I used to go to the gym a lot but after about a year with no apparent effect, apart from tiredness, i gave up. My body wont put on weight (or muscle) no matter what i do.
    Any advice on what kind of weights i should be lifting?
    E.g machine or freeweights
    As much weight as possible or little weight lots of reps?
  2. Small weight = toning, Large weight = Muscle mass. So it depends what you want to do. At the moment I do a kind of pyramid style workout, start at 12 doing relatively light ones, then increase the weight by about 7KG a time (or whatever the machine you are on goes up by) and dropping the reps by 2.

    So if you were doing your quadriceps say:

    12 x 37
    10 x 44
    8 x 51
    6 x 58
    4 x 65
    2 x 72

    And then do the same going the other way. The trick is to keep changing the way you work the muscle group. If you keep doing standing bar bell curls, after three weeks your body (and more importantly, your mind) will get bored and adapt so that it doesn't effect it anymore. Have a look on Amazon or somewhere for a book that shows you how to do lots of different work outs for the same muscle group, and they should have a workout routine for you in there. Also it's important to make sure your form for the workout is correct; one of the trainers at the gym stopped me for doing bench presses incorrectly as I wasn't doing any work on the muscles I was trying to work. Once he'd shown me the correct way to do it, I could feel the difference immediatly.
  3. I had the same problem as you described - went to the gym but seemed to get no noticeable results so ended up spending most of my time on the CV equipment. I've recently forked out £150 for a week with a personal trainer and he's given me renewed enthusiasm, I am already beginning to notice the difference and it's good to have someone there helping to keep you motivated. Might be worth a shot?
  4. My advice is to ALWAYS bend your legs when picking up heavy weights off the floor (full shopping bags, podgy toddlers etc).

    Never attempt to lift by using your back. You could put it out and hurt yourself.

    Also, never store heavy weights above head height or on racking that isn't fixed to at least 2 solid surfaces

    Thank me later...........
  5. if you have a small C0ck you can tie weights to the end your of helmet, thus stretching the tallywhacker, to give girls extra pleasure

  6. Did you ever try lifting the weights? Joe Weider swears by it.
  7. To gain weight and strength you need high weights and low reps. Get to the gym 3 times a week to give the body time to recover. Stick to exercises for the major muscle groups to handle maximum weight and build mass not definition. With some exercises (curls etc) you can jerk the body or cheat to lift maximum weight.

    I would suggest the following for 4-6 weeks. Should see some gains by then and can switch to a different routine to shock the body into more gains. Can go back to this about every 6 months.

    Do either 2 or at most 3 sets (more will give endurance not strength / mass). get a weight where you can do 5 reps on the first sets. For the last set you should aim for 5 but as soon as you can complete the full 5 up the wight for the next workout. Rest about 1 min between sets.

    Bench Press (Chest)
    Lat Pulldowns or Rows (Back)
    Barbell Curls (Biceps)
    Triceps Extensions or Triceps Pulldowns (Triceps)
    Military Press (Shoulders)
    Squats (Upper Legs)
    Sit Ups (Stomach)
  8. Thanks for all the helpful replys (and the just plain stupid ones such as "try lifting the weights" thats just a crazy idea, it might hurt!!!)

    I'll take your advice Futsukayoi for a couple of months and if nothing happens i'll give tsar_Nikolas's idea a try.

    Anyway, thanks all.