Advice on trashing a laptop so it doesn't show...

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Rodney2q, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Chaps

    Some techie advice required. I may have to trash a laptop to gain a small measure of revenge on someone who is being a total cnut.

    However, I want it to look like the laptop has just broken down naturally, as opposed to me smashing it with a large blunt object, dropping it in a bucket of water, putting superglue in the cd drive, frying the HDD in the microwave etc.

    I have thought about screwing with the registry but a reformat and reinstall will get round that too easily.

    The laptop should look fine but be irrepairable unless the owner is prepared to shell out to have it fixed.

    Any suggestions as to the best way to carry out said sabotage?

  2. EMP
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  3. I assume you have a small nuclear device I could borrow for a couple of days...

  4. .
    Yeah right, you've been downloading pictures of little boys.
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  5. Ask the MOD to do a custom install with their most up to date processor, hard disk and drivers, including a full network installation. It'll be fucked in a heartbeart.
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  6. For a price. What the cost of trashing a laptop?
  7. I was going to say Megger it, or 10 seconds in the microwave if money is tight, the microwave option may show screen damage, try a few seconds only, then try to boot it up. It should hopefully act all confused.
  8. Apply large magnet to region of hard drive, it will be well fvcked.
    But bear in mind it's probably criminal damage, so if you get caught, be prepared for the consequences.
  9. Or if you want to make it really realistic, just rob it.
  10. Electro magnet will well and truly **** it
  11. Turn it into an Apple. **** all will work on it unless he/she has paid them for ******* everything.
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  12. Oh I am....plausible deniability. Stand to attention, look straight over their head and deny everything...

    It worked the last time I got charged.

  13. Actually, that's not a bad idea...


  14. rob it, download kiddy porn onto it, and return it...

    phone police
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  15. Open one of the bays (RAM, HD, etc) and tuck a tiny piece of wire wool somewhere inconspicuous up against one of the PCBs. Nice little electric fire on next boot that destroys the wool in the process.

    Job jobbed.
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