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Ladies and Gents

Can I bend your ears a minute to ask for some advice.

I joinde the TA not that long ago, and have not even done CIC yet, but I am finding the travelling to my unit is getting a bit much (its a good 40mile round trip) and besides I am having second thoughts on my choice of unit. I want to transfer to my local non-Inf unit and continue my training there.

My questions:

A) Is this possible without leaving and rejoining?
B) If so, how do I go about it - do I approach my local unit first or do I speak to my own PSI? I don't want to go behind anyones back or anything as my present unit are good people and have been good to me. Its just a bit far and not quite for me.

Any advice / experience greatfully received

I know that there are often very few problems transfering within a regiment, but leaving the inf as an untrained soldier may cause a few problems with that your initial training scheme may differ from the new regiment you join since inf often do their basic in a different way - worst case is that you'd have to do 4 basic weekends (TAFS, which you've probably covered), then a 2 week recruits course and probably Training GAP.

To the best of my knowledge your process for transfer would be:
Research your new unit and make contact, go see them etc and be certain you want them, and that they want you.
Speak to SPSI and get the forms, they'll prob try talk you around but will provide the paperwork.
Fill in the forms in best handwriting - give back to SPSI or sqn Admin bod.
Coy/Sqn OC's interview normally follows.
Transfer - Plt/Troop Leaders Interview at new sqn.
Crack on with training :D
Phase 1 is phase 1. If you haven't completed Phase 1, it's back to the beginning I suspect.

If you have, rather than do CIC, you'll need to do CMS(R) instead. Still a 2 week cse, but you'll know a lot of it from phase 1.

The person to speak to is your Pl Comd, or whoever is your immediate commander in Recruits.

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