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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MikeS, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Well maybe you guys can help me with this.
    atm i am doing as follows
    Monday, Wednesday (1 set of exersizes), Friday :
    4 x 5-7 heaves
    4 x 16 tricep dips
    4 x 30 sit ups
    4 x 20 squats
    4 x 12 max pess ups
    4 x 20 dorsal raises
    4 x 20 lunges
    4 mile steady run followed by cool down

    Tuesday, Thursday : 1.5 mile jog followed by 1.5 mile hard run
    free weights
    3 x 8-10 military press (21kg barbell)
    3 x 8 bicep curls (21 kg barbell)
    3 x 30 shoulder shrugs ( 10 kg dumbells)
    3 x 15-20 squats (21 kg barbell)
    3 x 30-40 side bends (10 kg dumbell)
    3 x 40 sit ups

    I can do my 1.5 mile run in just under 11 minutes, 7 is my max number of heaves, i have adsc on the 3rd August, and hoping to pass with a grade b, in terms of preparing for catterick, is this a good routine? (increasing distance of the monday, wednesday, friday run, and kgs on the weights as and when i can)
  2. Does'nt seem to be too much wrong with it; I'd add Bench Press and drop the reps on all the weights exercises to between 3 - 6. Reps of between 8 - 10 cause hypertrophy, and I would imagine you don't want to be carrying too much extra bulk during Basic.

    Lower reps/heavier weights will increase strength and power without bulking you up too much.

    Good luck.
  3. Okay thanks v much werewolf, more weight, less reps, cheers! :)
  4. i thought more weight less reps made you bulk up?
  5. yeah scriv184 your right
  6. Nope, low reps=low size increase.

    There have been a few training programs on here recently, and this is probably the best I've seen. You've got plenty of rest and a variety of exercises. It may be worth doing different length runs rather than 4 miles 3 times a week (eg. a 3, a 5 and an 8 each week), but 4 miles should do you just fine.
  7. okay cheers...jew'm not exactly knowedgeable on health and fitness so it has taken me a while to get a good routine in order, im planning a 6 mile run soon, got the route worked out, il have a look at a 5 mile to, thanks for the advice, much appreciated 8)
  8. If you think about what you will be doing in basic it is not going to involve bicep curls or shoulder shrugs. Think functional strength and what exercises can help with this. Chin ups/Pull up/Dips, good for helping you climb walls and obstacles etc, Burpees/Press ups - good for when you you a doing fire and manouvere type exercises i.e prepare to move, move! Sit ups/crunches/hanging leg raises - everyone needs a strong core otherwise you will end up with back problems. Also think about what you will be doing in circuits training etc Rope climbing is always good if you can get access to a climbing rope.

    Exercises like bicep curls are what I call "Beach muscle" exercises i.e they make your arms look good but what purpose does that actually serve?
  9. Unfortunately i dont have access to a gym, just my bro in-laws free weights. What would you suggest replacing the curls and shrugs with?

  10. Yes i do have a chin up bar sorry, i do tricep dips, chin ups on mondays, wednesdays, fridays, how about replacing the bicep curls with some Upright rows, and the shrugs with lateral raise'?

    i get my info on weight exersizes from here
  11. Check your PM's Mike
  12. You really want to be boosting your run speed too. You might want to just run on monday, wed & fri, then do the weights on the tues & thurs. You do need to build in a bit more rest or you'll blow up before hitting ITC.

    cut out the isolation moves (i.e. bicep curls), and concentrate on compound lifts (chest press, military press, chins, dips, squats & dead lifts). They'll build up your overall strength.

    Monday - distance - 6-10 miles at jogging pace
    Wednesday - speed - something like a fartlek session (i.e. 200 metres slow pace, 200 metres sprint) over a 2-5 mile circuit will build your speed up. A few hill sessions as well (i.e. 8 - 15 sprints up a steep hill) will build up your quads & lungs nicely ;)
    Friday - tempo run - 2-5 mile at a reasonable pace.

    Hope this helps

  13. Its sure does :)
  14. Looks ok to me. To improve you want to be adding 1-2 reps on every set, each week for you mon, wed, fri exercises. The free weight routine you have at the moment will mainly result in conditioning and not a lot of muscle gain in the long run. I advise, for example, changing squats to 5x5. Start with a weight of 25kg, or whatever feels comfortable, get the technique right and add 2-4kg every week. Also look up starting strength on google.