Advice on trade training prior to enlistment

Discussion in 'REME' started by postman_twit, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. My neighbour's son is 16 and intends to join the Army at 18. His original intention was to go to AFC Harrogate but a history of mild childhood asthma means he needs to be clear for 3 years before he can join up.

    He starts college in Sept but is undecided as to which apprenticeship he should undertake, vehicle mechanic or welding?

    Which, if either, of these courses would best help him in his fledgling career? Would any qualifications gained count for anything when he joins or would he end up doing it all over again in Green?


  2. Chances are he would do the trade training again mate, however it should put him above his peers when he gets out to his unit.

    There is a process in place to fast track guys onto the Class 1 courses, but this would be dependant on performance in unit.

    Long term career wise, there are a greater range of postings available for VMs then MTSMs, at a more diverse range of units. It is also easier to get onto Artificer training as a VM as MTSMs must first retrade to either VM or ARMR in order to do so.

    If he wants a full career in the REME I would advise him to go VM, but then I'm biased. His final decision should be based on what he believes he will be happy doing.
  3. Cheers Spaz. He's a good lad, switched on and keen to boot. Will try and knock it out of him between now and when he's 18! :D
  4. If it can still be done, join as a reccy mech, halfway through trainig (Licences under the belt) change to metalsmith which is the only real SKILL left in REME, join a unit for a few years then apply for tiffy as a VM or wpns. Is this just halcyon days or what.
    Whatever he does grab it with both hands and feet. REME is full of could have beens.
  5. Go Armourer, I think they are still giving you a Golden Hello of £1500.
  6. Absolutely tosh advice.
  7. ref the armourers golden hello- the current crop of initials are still getting it.
  8. Go welder at college then VM it in the army, the varity of trades will help (even though its YTS these days) and we always need someone how can weld.