Advice on the MPGS please.

I'm currently in the regulars but have signed off. I'm due to leave in 6 months time and am very interested in joining the MPGS.
I'm willing to be posted pretty much anywhere and happy to move about where needed
I've tried ringing the numbers and never get an answer, it just rings out.
Can anyone give me any worthwhile advice on how to go about joining and how likely you are to get in?
Just found these numbers on an RAF site!

For more information and details on the criteria for joining the MPGS, contact the MPGS Recruiting Team.

Civil Tel:
01962 887113
01962 887990
01962 887239
Fax: 01962 887599
Mil Tel: 94271 ext 2113, 2990 or 2239
Fax: 94271 ext 2599


Hope they are not the ones you have been trying!
Cheers for that the number at the top of your list is the one I've been trying. I assume the other 2 are in the same office are they?
It just seems odd that it's supposed to be the phone number for the recruiting office and there's no c**t there!!


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Hey Mucker,I'm a fullscrew in the MPGS in Pirbright.Give me a call on 01483 798285 and I'll get you a number for the trg team in Portsmouth.

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