Advice on TA Travel please.

Can anyone help with advice on TA travel claims? I am a serving soldier and my wife is an NCO with a TA unit in the Midlands. We are currently living in Cyprus and she commutes back to UK for about a week a month to complete Coy trg and admin work. Her unit has been good in that they often arrange for her to be collected from Brize but it's still getting expensive travel wise. Although she has on occasion used indulgence flights it isn't guaranteed that she will get a place and she has more often than not had to get civilian flights at her own expense. What is she entitled to claim as TA? Is she entitled to be paid for her travelling time?
Any advice gratefully received...

The answer to both questions is No. I'm surprised the unit hasn't sorted out a local arrangement for her though. Depending on her Capbadge and trade it can usually be arranged through the system to put her 35 days in locally obviously with the agreement of both her TA unit and a local unit.



Your wifes deserves a medal for her commitment but can't your unit help her out? Assuming you met while you where her PSI
Thanks for the response guys (you are guys aren't you...?) I seem to recall somewhere reading that dispensation can be given at Bde level for larger travel claims. As many guys used to travel from Manchester to W. Brom for drill nights and Coy trg and get MMA (or the equivalent) each way, I should imagine that this would add up to a fair few quid and even this would go some way towards paying for flights.
My unit is strapped for manpower at the mo due to purple committments and her being employed for the odd day would certainly merit some exploration. (She has just squared away a BOWMAN course out here). Time for a couple of carefully placed letters...
Thanks for your comments Polar. She has got a medal already - Op Telic 1 / 2 and that's where I met her! Would love to be PSI at her unit as I used to be TA at one of its dets, many moons ago and still know a lot of the old and bold (actually more like bald!) there. On a more serious note she was amongst the first at her unit to fulfill all trg requirements for her bounty this year so all credit to her, unlike some of the more cynical bounty-hunters. And she looks a damn sight better in uniform than I do (though I'll never admit that to her face!)

I know the unit in question now, more to the point I'll bet a months salary she looks better than you in uniform :)

The extra travel the lads got to WB from the other Det locations added up to a maximum of 70 claims per training year and were applied as excess RPOD. If I were you I would get the Wife to speak to her OC (Not the PSAO) If he agrees in principle to her taking a break from the unit for 18 months or so and your unit is happy to have her train with them happy days. A formal letter and agreements over the number of MTD's she can have from her TA unit, sort out individual pay sheet and away she goes.
Cheers Baldrick. Do you have experience of said unit?
As for the uniform thing its a damn close thing; I do after all cut a pretty damn fine figure! For a month's salary, I may even have some pictures of her out of know the sort (jeans, T-shirt that sort of thing. What kind of bloke do you think I am!)
As I used to work with you

A long long long time ago..................In fact the days of Charlie Chan :)
FFS!!! Now the limited mind goes into overtime. Give me a clue!
Oh hang on a minute -we've done this haven't we? Sorry for the ramblings of a senile mind. Never did receive the picture...
It got sent mate.............. several times to your work email account oh the joys of the RLI :-(

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