Advice on Strain and starting Phase 1 Training due to start my phase 1 on Wednesday. I was playing a lil football last friday and took a nasty boot to the side of my shin and after about 10 minutes of walking/1 minute of running its very painful and is preventing my from being able to train.

I went to the docs and he is putting me in for an x-ray on tuesday but he doesnt think its any sort of bone problem, just a bruised muscle under my shin.

who do i contact to let them know if i can still attend....i can still run on it, its just super painful and i dont want to run the risk of further damaging it..

only thing is ive been waiting to start phase 1 for about a month and a half and cant financially cope with my starting date being put off any longer.

whats the best course of action to take? i was thinking of attending Phase 1 on wednesday if the x-ray didnt show anything.

this a good idea bearing in mind im sure they have physio's at catterick...ah i dont know...any help is appreciated.


turn up - and tell the instructors

get a letter from your GP (bit short notice) and tell the Doc when you get there. first few days shouldnt be too physical