Advice on some WW2 era stuff Ive inherited

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by PerArduaProPatria, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi there,

    I've come into ownership of the following items and I've done a bit of research and would be interested to find out what the items are worth. I'm currently serving in Iraq and would be keen to sell them when I get back in January:

    1. Bren Gun. Mk1 with Mk2 Barrel (black barrel all the way to the flash eliminator). Drum sight, no butt strap.

    It's dated during the war (1944 I think) and comes in a wooden transit case. It has definitely never been fired! Inside the case is

    - The Gun
    - Wooden cleaning rod
    - Fluffy screw on brush
    - 3 magazines, possibly 4
    - A tin, inside is a broken round extractor, spare extractor and ejector and some other pieces (like you find in a GPMG SPW)
    - An oil bottle.
    - Spare gas parts (not gas piston).

    The gun will cock, strip and is in immaculate condition - brand new! No marks on any of the furniture at all, and the blueing on the body has only a tiny mark where the cocking handle has been folded back onto the body. The gun has a green canvas cover to protect it, although it won't go in the case with it fitted. There is also a spare barrel bag with another tin inside it with more springs etc. I believe it is a Lithgow (FTR'd?) gun. It has a MK2 barrel with a Mk3 bipod. This looks like it
    but mine does not have the rear pistol grip.

    2. Lanchester SMG. Mk1* (I think).

    The gun has a lug for a 1907 bayonet and has light furniture. It has a magazine and sling. The weapon will cock and strip. There is no change-lever and that is what makes me presume it is a Mk1*. I am lead to believe it is a Mk1* not a Mk1 converted to MK1* - ie does not have the ramped rear-sight, but a welded box

    3. SMLE dated 1917.

    The rifle has a canvas cover to protect the action, and will strip and dry fire. It has an aperture sight on a rail but no fitting for an optical sight. The magazine has a slide to cut it off from the bolt. The action is lovely and smooth. The foresight is covered by a little metal cap that can be removed. There is a sling fitted and in the butt there is a metal oil bottle and pull through. The furniture is in really nice condition and has been well cared for by the look of things.

    4. Enfield Pistol No2 Mk1 dated 1938 (serial F1260)

    The hammer still has the claw on the back for single action and will dry fire from single or double action. It has had the chambers filled with a small ring to prevent them from being loaded with rounds. The pistol will still dry fire. There is a lanyard ring and it comes with a holster fitted to a 37 pattern belt.

    All the weapons have deactivation certificates from different proof houses and are all of the "old" standard (ie you can strip and dry fire them) - except the pistol.

    I also have:

    - Red book full of old training manuals (small arms training, eg Bren LMG, Sten, Grenade, Rifle etc) (8?)
    - Some old respirators (2), one named to a guy in the PWO
    - Home Guard handbook
    - US Army field telephone
    - Puttees, Gloves, a helmet
    - Webbing
    - Some binos
    - Despatch riders boots size 5/6
    - Direct fire sight from a 25lb field gun (with a missing rubber eyepiece)

    Obviously the main thing are the weapons, but any ideas of values would be greatly appreciated as I don't really know what they'd be worth.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I, in common with just about any and everybody, has no idea what you could expect to realise from the sale of this lot but I suggest making good use of Google, contact Sotheby's or Christie's, dig into the specialist auctions dates and types and ask them for a valuation. They may not feel able to offer you such "sight unseen" which might mean one of your family trogging to the nearest branch to get this. Good luck!
  3. The weapons values can be deduced by looking at the websites of one or two of the big "deactivation" gunsmiths, e.g.:

    At the moment, very approximately:

    Bren & all the kit c.£400 (more if its old-spec)
    Lanchester c.£500
    Lee Enfield c.£300
    Enfield pistol c.£90

    Be aware that the govenment is looking at banning the sale of anything that looks like a gun, so by next year it could become illegal to sell (but not own - a device they will use to avoid having to pay compensation to owners) a de-act. You should be ok in the time frame you have.

    All of the other militaria items have a real value, so do not let yourself be conned into giving them away for nothing. Best reference is to log onto eBay (you can do it as a guest, without full registration) and search for the items you have in the "militaria" section. You might be amazed at some of the prices that get paid for this stuff!
  4. Are they de-acs, as you dont mention it anywhere?
    If they're not, you will need a FAC, and in the case of the Bren, an additional section five.
    Unfortunately, the powers-that-be in this country wont let us play with grown-up toys anymore, but if you've got a genuine, unmolested Bren, I would have thought you'd get a very good price for it in the States.
  5. 8O
  6. I've tried looking on Google, but Paradigm Services who provide the welfare internet connections out here block anything to do with weapons (helpfully, along with gambling and sex) and so I just end up with a "You cannot view this page...etc", hence asking people on here.

    Ebay is also unhelpful. Anything to do with firearms, either deactivated or not, is a prohibited item and therefore gets removed from the site. I have toyed with the idea of selling the deactivation certificates, with the assumption that with the certificate you would obviously get the weapon too - but I have amassed quite a nice feedback rating and I'm loathed to lose my account over something silly like this. Ebay has been a handy source of revenue in the past. I found one of the old Survive to Fights in a drawer (the one which used to come in the plastic folder) and flogged it for £15. There are some idiots out there who'll buy anything.
  7. If Gunmart is still up and running, that's the place to look. There used to be loads of ads for that kind of stuff.
  8. Ah, apologies, yesterday I was both very busy, and very tired. :oops:

    (Either that, or I was having a blonde/senior moment :wink: )
  9. The Armourer magazine or website has a large interest in de act weapons
  10. i'll take it all off your hands for a tenner...................
  11. Sell them to me :)

    I'm poor though, so a donation would be nice.