Advice on Redex/cleaning an engine

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. I know redex is largely seen as a snake oil. But from what i am reading, people are trying to use it on relatively new cars or ones that do a lot of long distance driving.

    I however im thinking of using it in a van that is largely used a few times a week for short journeys, mainly local deliveries. Its only being driven for 15-30min max a few times a week at the moment. Its a Renault Master that is well over ten years old and a few years ago had a problem with the Exhaust Recycle Valve being so cagged with carbon it blocked it (it has since been cleaned).

    So im thinking of something to do to the system to help give it a clean through without having to strip it down. Im not expecting a complete clean out, that requires a mechanic, but more some general cleaning to show i some love. Is redex an idea on this instance, or is there a better product?
  2. Redex or similar cleaners do work. My father's volvo failed MOt on exhaust emmisions. Tank full of petrol with a maximum dose of engine cleaner in it later and it passed.

    Just make sure you buy the product appropriate to your engine (eg carburettor or injection, diesel or petrol).
  3. All fine get i t cleaned, but also be prepared to check the fuel filters and plugs after you've fired it through the engine. remember it's a solvent designed to lossen deposits - those deposits have to go somewhere and can often cause serious problems. After that just use decent fuel - i.e. a BP, SHell Esso type as the detergents in the standard stuff will keep the stuff clean. All though you could scrub all of that and just use their premium Supers, diesels as they have "get clean additives in them"
  4. Another tip is use good quality petrol. Most of the mainstream brands have engine cleaning additives added. I am not so sure about the smaller brands or the supermarkets.
  5. Doh, PS beat me to it!
  6. Fill tank up and throw a whole bottle of Redex in and go for a good long boring drive on a M/way, it does work. Same goes for injector cleaner.
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  7. This works, as good spanking down the motorway for 30 minutes really clears the crap out.
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  8. We use injector cleaner in all our trucks here. Works well keeping the smoke down and burning off the glaze.
  9. The diesel version of redex is good but also for your old diesels especially before an emission test. Take them for a run high revs in each gear. Take them on a motorway don't redline but in each gear get almost that high and keep in a lower gear 3rd or at most 4th and give it a run at higher revs but lower speed. Watch what comes out the back. Mile or two should shift some shit.
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  10. Trialled the above suggestions and very impressed, thank you, car no longer sounds like a tractor.
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  11. A good thrashing aka a Italian tune up and some good cleaner does work , as does running it on good fuel , supermarket stuff is rubbish . My car runs rough , hesistates when cold and pinks slighty under high load on cheap petrol .
    I had it cleaned with Terraclean when i got it and that gave a amazing improvement .
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  12. same with my motorcycle and old diesel skoda 200K
    its like the human body
    exercise keeps it working
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  13. When i was a kid my mums cars always used to run like shit so i would take them out for 30 mins and thrash the pants off them , then they went a lot better . I gave that up after hitting some black ice at 60 mph and nearly ditching it !
  14. Petrol or diesel, age and mileage?

    Considering getting mine Terracleaned and have read nothing but good reviews of it. Something is putting me off though, almost seems to good to be true. Engine is in decent nick anyway, was just considering getting it done before a remap.

    For the years old OP, I've always stuck BP in my cars with the odd tank of super/premium, maybe every 4th/5th tank and I've never had any trouble from that side of things. I've also found I get better mpg from any time I've had to put supermarket cack in.
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  15. Don't overdo it though. Redex can destroy your catalytic converter and you'll fail the emissions test on the MOT.

    On the subject of MOTs try to go to a station that employs MECHANICS, not FITTERS, like Mr Clutch etc;

    I bought a second hand car, that had a new cat fitted only a year before according to the documents. I stupidly went to Mr Clutch for service and MOT, it being nearest to me and they told me it failed the emissions test and needed a new cat. I told them that the car had only done 4500 miles since the new cat was fitted, and I didn't believe the cat needed replacing. Mr Clutch's answer is let our FITTERS fit a new cat @ £279.

    So I took the car to a MECHANIC. He tested the emissions. 'Yes its a fail but the cat is probably dirty. I'll clean it out' the MECHANIC says. And an hour later I have an MOT certificate and no bill for £279 to replace a cat that only needed cleaning out.

    I had used Redex prior to the service and I think it shifted the shit from the engine to the cat, causing the failure.
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