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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GrassAlwaysGreener, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, I am new on this but was wondering if i could get some advice.

    I recently decided to put my papers in so as to offer a more steady and stable life for my wife and two kids. there was a whole hoo-haa around this put it was well thought through. Anyways serving in the Army is now a massive grudge bare for myself and i want to get out as soon as possible.

    I have already recieved an offer of immediate employment and written to most housing associations and my local council so from a welfare point of view there is no reason for CoC to 'look after my best interests'. I also have the support of the padre and my Coy Oc has supported my descision to discharge early. Problem is my CO seems to be dragging his feet a little with either approving the early discharge or not. The job offer is time sensitive and i have made it very clear that i am not happy serving in the Army and this cannot be reconciled.

    Has anybody got any information that i can use to help speed this process along or anything else i can do to support my descision to leave early (putting aside smoking a spliff or refusing to soldier etc).

    Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  2. I think you are being very niiave to be honest. Just because you want to get out and you no longer want to be in the Army does your CO have to comply to your wishes.

    If everyone could just fancy getting out, put their papers in and then do one, we would be in some state. The CO must be wary of setting a precedent that may just affect his unit's operational effectiveness.

    Sorry if this just sounds like someone toeing the party line but you have terms and conditions of service that you were happy enough to agree to and you shouldn't really be upset if your employer expects you to fulfill those.
  3. fail a CDT, that will get you out fast ;)
  4. When I were a lad, people in your position just ambled in to the OC and declared themselves poofters. Oh, how things have changed.
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  5. Had thought about it lol but thought better of it. Have always worked as a professional and don't see why I should smear a good reputation. In response to the earlier reply, it is not just a fancy as you so delicately put it, it was a thoroughly thought out decision based on whether the money supplied by the forces was worth the continued unhappiness of my wife and children... quite simply it was not. I do understand that the CO has to be wary of setting precedent, but on the other hand he should be concerned with the soldiers best interests, potential reprocussion, how much work he is lilkely to get from the soldier and the soldiers future employability as well as reasons why he has managed to gain support from other places for his early discharge, something that is not easily done unless genuine.
  6. Thanks for the well thought out reply Idrach. Anyone with any genuine ideas?
  7. :) I though it was better than suggesting the CDT route!

    Anyway. Get the potential employer to write to the CO, explaining that he will not be able to keep the job offer open past the relevant date?
  8. It is not your CO who authorises any quick discharge, your CoC will only give their recommendation and if they believe a quick discharge is in your interests, they pass that recommendation to DM(A), who will make the final decision.

    Look at it from the CoC point of view, you have an "offer" of work. How firm is that offer? Would your potential employer be willing to put the offer on paper?
    You have a wife and two kids you are about to make homeless, without a firm housing offer, the CoC would be stupid to put you "on the street".

    You can only improve your case by getting guarantees of employment and housing.

  9. The offer of employment is time sensitive and has already been submitted in paper to my Co for consideration. the employment is definate (my wife owns the company I will be working in) however the position needs filling as we are losing money my the position not being filled and we don't want to pay someone else. In addition we do have a fall back plan for housing should worst come to worst as i would never have my family homeless. thanks for the advice on the DM (A) though. Just done a quick bit of research and looks like they are approving most submissions when they have been throught the CO due to over manning. Is this correct?
  10. Think of the mother-in-law.
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  11. Cross Dressing Test, is he a Bootie? :)
  12. So, if your wife owns the company that has offered you a job she could also employ someone on a temporary basis thereby negating the loss of money for the company and the rush to leave. You can also always re-locate your family before your discharge as many others have done for years
  13. Now I understand why your application for early release has stalled, you are trying to play the system and the CoC is aware.