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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ray_Of_Johno, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am hoping someone will be able to help me.

    The situation is i a am training for my RCB briefing which is in September.

    I have to do 20-22 press up's and am wondering how far down towards the ground i have to go on them? is it arms at right angles? or further?

    Do i have to have my arms pulled into my sides or does it not matter?
  2. worst case scenario...
    elbows tucked in with your chest touching someones fist
  3. I find a book about the height of my fist placed on the floor where someone’s fist would be helps, bend until your chest touches the book and then stretch, later it is well worth going all the way down to the floor as it gives you extra range and strength in your press ups which is very useful when it comes to the tests.

    Whatever you do the crucial thing is to bend and hold for at least one second. Too many people cheat themselves by stretching immediately with no benefit. Hold at the bottom and your arms will get used to the pain and feeling.
  4. I've just come back from my RCB Briefing a couple of weeks ago and like yourself was sweating about the press up's, don't worry about them for the briefing as you don't have to do them it's just for the main RCB. However whilst panicking about doing them I bought a set of press up bars from good old Argos, if I remember rightly they're only about £5 and although they're really tough to use to start with as you go down further when you go back to doing the press up's normally without them it's alot easier and you can really notice the difference. I hope this helps good luck!
  5. Thanks for the advice guys

    In response to Wedgy, did you have to an obstacle course?

    Can i PM you with a couple of other questions, whilst the experience is fresh in your mind?
  6. Yeah for sure I'll be glad to help if I can
  7. Proper technique for army press-ups is to start flat on the floor, hands under your shoulders, push up pivoting on your toes and keep body straight till your arms fully extend. On the down stroke, lower in a controlled manner until either your chest touches the floor or your arms reach 90 degrees.

    This is an extremely hard way of doing a press up, but is the right way (according to PTI's!). Learn how to do it that way and not an easy way or you are in for a shock.

    Best of luck at RCB briefing!
  8. Just prepare for the worst and youll be fine, in my eyes theres no such thing as over preperation. It sounds like a piece of p*ss anyway you should be fine.
  9. i cannot believe no one has picked up on the fact that someone is asking for help about doing 22 press ups? it doesn't matter if you have to kiss the floor each time, you should be able to do 22. i think my daughter could probably do 20. :roll: suppose its the pedigree of OTC's at the mo.
  10. No, it's more to do with the way the army do press ups. Schools and civvy gyms always teach pressups in the easy position (hands much wider than the shoulders). Thus people can build up a high nuber the easy way, but when it comes to selection, they are shocked by how hard the army's press-up actually is.
  11. If you can do 22 just do around 18-20 whenever you can, if you are sat at home watching tv, drop down and see how many sets you can do, keep doing this for around a week then try till fatigue and i am sure you will do more than 22, thats how i got to where i am still not perfect but can get anywhere between 60-70 in 2 minutes.

    Good Luck

  12. Is benching going to aid you in any way when it comes to performing in press up tests - or is there just no substitute to thousands of military style press-ups? What about plyometrics?
  13. Did main board a few weeks ago. Your hands need to be spaced so that when you are in the start position (face on the ground), your little fingers are at least flush with the side of your arms - when they are spaced like this you don't really have choice as your elbows will naturally be 'in' anyway. As for the downward movement, the suggestions of a fist sound about right - I used a baked bean can, big hands you see... :)
  14. hi guys
    so just to clarify, you're arms need to be running along your body not 90 degrees (would form a cross if looking down). Also I remember one of the posters said to hold when in the down position but holding yourself up for a second or so. Would this help in these 'army press ups)?
    thanks in advance
  15. exactly. 22 is achievable by a 10 year old. if you struggle with that, how are you going to pass the bpfa of 55ish?