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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by blixey, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. hi,

    i have no military background so apologies if this is a potentially stupid question.

    could anyone advise me on military jobs that are either fringe, or support based that would be accessible to people who failed (crap eyesight) the army medical?

    in my naivete i first tried territorial army intelligence in the hope that a back-room job might be a way past the medical for front line roles.

    obviously i've since found out this isn't the case, so i'm wondering if there are any civilian/semi-military support organisations (logistics, intelligence, engineering) that exist, that would bypass the army's eyesight requirements but still enable me to work in a military support role.

    having no military or police background also writes off any private 'circuit' jobs.

    i'll be posting this in the regulars section too, so please let me know if this falls foul of any forum regs.

    any info would be appreciated.

  2. You could work for sodexo.
  3. EFI (Expeditionary Forces Institute) are the part of the NAAFI that support the forces on operations. They have both uniformed and civilian staff and might suit you if you have retail experience. Google 'NAAFI jobs' and have a squizz.
  4. My bold. How bad is your eyesight when corrected? My uncorrected vision is pretty poor (what sight chart Dr?...Oh, that white blur over there) but with specs I comfortably passed the minimum requirement for TA medical.. I can't quote the limits but from memory they are pretty generous.

    Have you been told catagorically that your vision is below acceptable limits?

    The other option would be to consider laser surgery and wait a couple of years and reapply if you are that keen.
  5. Go to the MOD website and check the careers section
  6. As above; the MOD have a number of opportunities in some of the fields you mention. In spite of the impending civil servant cull in main building there are still some depts that are now, and will be for the forseeable future, actively recruiting.