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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by DanH99, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi there,

    First of all a little back story. Ever since I was young I had the cliché dream of being a soldier who had 500 confirmed kills as a sniper in the jungle somewhere etc etc, but now I'm 16 and interested in having an actual realistic and serious career in the Army preferably in some kind of medical position.

    Currently I'm sitting my GCSE's but without sounding arrogant I'm expected to pass these with ease, and truth being I should. In my A-Levels I'm taking English Literature, History, Physiology and Biology. I realise that for a medical career as a doctor or such I'd need chemistry to get into any university at the moment but those are the the subjects I'm interested in.

    So here comes what I need advice on. From looking through the very brief descriptions on the Army jobs website I'd love to be in a role that is above a combat medic and nurse in terms of qualifications but below a doctor role.

    I'm obviously using very basic information that is probably wrong to determine their roles but is there a position such as this in the army, a 'field surgeon' or something like this? I realise I'm being naive about this but I'm really interested in partaking in a role like this so any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if options appear to be either clear cut either low qualifications or post-A level qualifications it would be great to know now so I could revise A level choice and/or make further plans.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Right realised I've been a bit of a fanny and this probably needs to go in another sub-forum, apologies.

    Anyway, to look less like a fanny I have a more specific question that hopefully wont get the 'talk to your ******* ACIO' answer that I expect.

    There seems little information on the differences between a 'combat medical technician' and a 'combat team medic' other than one is in the Medical Corps. Is there a difference in their day to day life, why is there no qualifications needed for this?

    Also though a medical support officer is obviously commissioned, how much do they handle actual medical/surgery or is much more admin type work?

    Again thanks for any info and move this to the correct section is necessary.
  3. Team medic = any person in any corps/regiment who has passed the team medic course (within the past 2 years)
    CMT = The dogsbody of the Army Medical Services
    MSO = An officer in the RAMC who will be trusted to tie his/her own shoe laces under the supervision of a nurse, senior CMT or sodexho cleaner.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Moved. You may get a different (not necessarily better, you may want to reconsider the phrase 'above a nurse') response.
  5. You hold a rather misguided view of what Medicine and patient care is. I think you greatly underestimate the role of the Multi-Disciplinary Team. Look it up. Basically, even as a Consultant, Nurses bitch you around no end, and the doctors do listen. It's a team sport. And you don't need Chemistry A Level at all, it limits your options as to what schools you can apply to however. It's also worth bearing in mind that Medicine is going Post-Graduate, even the 5year courses will have 70% graduates.
  6. If you want to be a doctor (I'm not sure from your post whether you do or not, you seem to be wanting to base your career on what subjects you've chosen rather than the other way round) you might still be able to. When you say physiology and biology, is that one A-level or two? If two you could possibly still apply to East Anglia or Keele to study medicine, though you'd probably struggle without chemistry, depending on how much biochem is in your a-level course. You could always apply as a post grad, plenty of those on my course.

    Afaik CMT, nursing, physiotherapy and pharmacology are the only other medical related proffessions in the army. You phrase "above nursing" puzzles me, as nurses can do quite advanced stuff. Medical Support Officers aren't clinical and fulfil the management and leadership needs of a medical regiment.
  7. Yes your correct, it takes a 'special' kind of person to be able to wipe fevered brows, offer words of comfort, make beds and wipe arrses. Advanced stuff my arrse, specialist pay my arrse, a nurse is a nurse is a nurse. Hence above nursing, as the AHPs are the 'specialists'.
  8. Higher on Nurse and CMT on Qualifications for non commisioned trades (At the moment):

    X Ray Tech

    Both of which require you to have a degree, but neither are likely to be out on the ground being shot at if thats your bag? EHT I believe now need to do a foundation degree??? and Nurses are changing if not already changed to degree access only. No idea what the ODP cadre is doing but most likely following suit.

    There are surgeons who work in the field but no field surgeons so to speak.