Advice on Laptop TV dongle thingymagig

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. I'm after one of those dongle thingies where you can watch TV on your laptop when away from home (or at home if you're too tight to buy a decent TV). As I spend half my life away from home I want one as there is only so much porn I can watch on the laptop.

    Anyway. Having scrawled through the internet I've come to the conclusion that I haven't a fucking clue what to make of them or which ones are worth getting. I work mostly out of STANTA (Norfolk) where TV reception is shit due to the area and population being full of pointy heads and backwards.

    I get the gist that a good antenna is needed in dogshit reception areas. Can some nerd who is into this sort of shit give me some advice? If not then just fuckoff. :D
  2. I bought a cheap one from novatech, modified a spare antenna cable to attach to the 12x12 frame and got some pretty good reception at Otterburn. Not tried it at STANTA yet.
  3. Attach the magnetic aerial to the heating system (especially in older barracks) and you should get everything your little heart desires.
  4. You do realise the local programming round those parts is also FOR the cone-headed locals? You aren't missing much

    Speaking as a nerd currently working on this sort of shit, there's no point without a decent sized antenna even trying - the only time I got any signal off the ant. that comes with the USB dongles was when I was within shouting distance of Crystal Palace transmitter.

    If you want to take a loaner to try something out though, drop me a PM, as its worth trying before you buy (and its not my kit if some Thetford local eats it or somesuch)

    edit to add less speeling mistakes
  5. Having tried a variety of dongles for Broadband web, and TV "receivers" for the Lappy, only the 3 Network worked well, but Vodafone didn't do too bad.
    Depends on reception and speeds. Possibly, just possibly, you could pick up free internet UK TV channels on mobile Broadband.

    When Virgin chopped my analogue signal I was fecked. Gave up on TV dongles a while ago, and decided to just watch Catchup TV online, on a big monitor at home, with the BB Wi-Fi.

    I'll fcuk off now.
  6. Pretty certain unless things have changed *very* recently that none of the mobile providers has 3G coverage in the STANTA area - they only just persuaded the locals to stop worshipping the masts, no way are they keen to return for upgrades.
  7. 3G has no coverage anywhere. Trust me, Toppers will back me up on this.

    I got a free pink lappy though - woo hoo.
  8. Cheers muckers. Gonna buy one and a big fcukoff antenna to go with it.
  9. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Surely this is a Wah

    Seriously though, live TV on a laptop is a pain in the arrse, have you thought about ripping your DVD's or downloading TV programmes

    Admittedly this might be a problem if you want to watch Strictly Come Dancing but most stuff worth watching is downloadable

    PM me if you want to know how as I don't want to get the site in trouble
  10. Can you get a land internet connection?

    If so, Slingbox?
  11. My laptop BB telly's lavly, just lavly 8) . 40 Freeview channels an' all. Haven't even started on the grot channels yet. :p VGA and sound output to a nice HP monitor thingy. Wouldn't work on a fcuking dongle though , I spose :x
  12. Like I needed reminding of that... how many more months till my contract runs out and I can ram Vodafone's 3G dongle up their a4se.
  13. My 3G is in a very safe place. That safe, not even I can find it.

    I might have chucked it in the bin. Woopsie.

    Mmmm, pink lappy. <<shurn, shurn>>
  14. Looking at the user reviews on that it seems you have to be in the right area to receive a signal. Unfortunately Norfolk has only just received electricity and metalled roads so it's no use. I suppose all TV dongles will need a booster aerial. Cheers anyway.