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Hi all.

I have done my BARB test and an application has gone through to harrogate. In a couple of weeks time im going for my first interview.....what should i expect?

Also what is selection like, any advice on how to get ready for it properly?

Apologies if i have posted this in the wrong new to ARRSE!



Selection is quite simple mate, you just have to try your best on everything you do, don't be too quiet on the team-tasks etc. When are you wanting to go to Harrogate?
I had my selection weekend in November, and am now enlisting on 15th of Feb then starting basic training on 05 of March.

I didn't really prepare much for my Selection, they gave me a timetable and that was pretty much the routine for the day.

When we arrived at Lichfield we were picked up by a Corporal at the train station. Arrived at the ATC and recieved our bib numbers, and they took our urine sample. Waited around in the med centre for the first part of the medical - BMI, eye sight, hearing. After all the filtering, we stood outside for our basic stand to attention stand at ease introduction and a talk by the sergeant on behavioural expectations.


2nd part of the medical, stripped to boxers, and general medical and yes, drop and cough.

Deferalls / failures went home (very demoralising if you've come from afar!)

Then sent to the gym for physical assesment (no push or sit ups, nothing too drastic just best effort on the pull ups, bergan lift simulation on weight machine, and 2 other weight lifts, every1 passed! Just remember to put tonz of the grip powder on ur hands as next was the Jerrycan walk, not hard at all just if one of the jerrycans slip out of ur hands early you've more or less had it, I dropped mine at 140m, thaught id failed, but should be ok if you drop it anywhere in the last 30m.

Introduction to army life / pay etc and then shown to our 5* accomodation, shown how to fold our blankets etc.. again, pretty simple stuff.

Icebreaker - just be confident, speak loud and clear, prepare for some stick and make it last.

1.5 mile run around camp (all but 1 finished)

Shower / Meal

Grenade lesson (theory) - nothing hard, still remember mine now!

Back to accomodation, unpack then meet outside for Questions and answers from 2 lads currently on training, in the NAAFI.

bout 2300 lights out.

Up at 0600 as rivallie is at 0630, wash change etc, breakfast, then a sample room inspection - nothing too painful!

Grenade practical lesson - pretty easy, just when you dive make it an interesting one as they like that.

Following on from that Team activities... 5 in all, all like the Crystal Maze kind of game, doesnt matter if you dont contribute to the actual plan as sometimes you cant get a word in, so long as you're seen as shouting your head off... for some reason i kept shouting "SENSE OF URGENCY"!

After team task, lunch then back to hand in kit from stores.. make sure you fold them even if they werent folded when you recieved them!

Shower, change into suit and then interview.. with the interview, i was told i must know my job inside out. I was sat in the cinema for about an hour, nerves going as this had to be the icing on the cake (they dont let you know how you got on in the assesment until you're in the interview). Got to the interview, told this wasnt going to take long as he had a dentist appointment, scanned through the report ... "happy with that", job will begin in March 07 see you then... interview took under 5 mins, bit pissed off that i did all the research - but i guess its better going in with ammo eh.

I did have a maths aptitude test somepoint in the weekend but thats only because of the job im going into.

Good Luck
forgot to mention, 2 were turned away at the end of the selection process at the interview stage, one failed because he had too much debt and was told to come back when it had cleared, and the other failed as he hadn't contributed / shouted enough at the team activities.


I was told if i get through interviews and selection then i would be at harrogate by the next term, so september i think.

I just need to get running more and a good deal of upper body strength. I should be fine with the team tasks. I have stamina so i hope i will pass the run but im just not too strong at all so i think i will struggle at the other tests.

Grenade practical lesson?

Thanks for the advice.

Ronnie8781 said:
Deadly Homer- What Bn are you in?

I can see where this is going. :nod:

Are we placing bets yet?
geraintarfon said:
Up at 0600 as rivallie is at 0630, wash change etc, breakfast, then a sample room inspection - nothing too painful!

Don't you mean reveille is at 0600hrs? I always thought reveille was the time you got up??


Sorry, not actually in the paras at the moment, but thats what I am going in to do after i go to Harrogate (so will change my avatar until I am actully in the Paras :oops: ). When I went to the ADSC at Glencorse, we had to get up at about 5:30am, but the corporal didnt actually come in and inspect our room till around 6:15am. We didn't actually do the grenade throwing, but we did do the grenade lesson which is really easy. I'm actually going to Harrogate in september mate so may see you if you pass :thumright:



by now hopefully you got in zega. if not keep tryin mate not everyone passes first time. work on upper body but concentrate on running. dont give up


macdonald792 said:
by now hopefully you got in zega. if not keep tryin mate not everyone passes first time. work on upper body but concentrate on running. dont give up

I did pal, start in september at Harrogate.
Cheers :thumright:

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