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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by charl_s, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Hello! :soldier:

    Right 1st topic/1st post here..

    I am a 19year old female..I have 6 GCSES (Inc. Eng lit/lang/ICT) However I got a D in Maths :frustrated: .

    I am looking on maybe joining the army.

    I am intrested at ;
    -- OPERATOR MILITARY INTELLIGENCE doing the Human Intelligence field.
    -- MILITARY POLICE--(However you need a Grade C maths for this).

    My questions are .. do the army value a adult numeracy level 2 (the eqv. of a C grade maths GCSE)?

    Also can someone give me as much info on the jobs I listed and any others I could think about??

  2. Army Jobs
    Click there for information on the jobs or post in the relevant Corps Sub-Forums lower down :)

    Cant help you on the other question, though im sure GrizzlyPanda may :lol:
  3. Thanks for the reply :D

    Yer I basically live on that site! Jus wanted some info with all the stuff they don't mention on that the nitty gritty stuff I spose ..chances of getting in what to really expect in the role etc
  4. Go OPMI, INT CORPS. As long as you have 5+ A-C grades including English, you should have no problem as far as I know. That's all I've got anyway!
  5. Yes, the adult numeracy level 2 certificate is equal to a maths GCSE, well for intelligence corps anyway. You can take it for free, although the company that does it uses the same maths test that you'd have done at the ACIO so you might know some of the answers already.

    This has some useful information.
  7. Thanks for all the replys x
  8. Idiot removed as will all future posts from weejones. That behaviour will not be tolerated in this forum.
  9. you'll have a fair wait for both of those job choices probably around 18 months.