Advice on joining the TA please...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by JayPee630, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Been lurking for a while, and now actually need to ask the collective wisdom some advice...

    I served 4 years as a Tom in Para Regt in the early 1990s, and then left to pursue lots of other things. I'm now a paramedic, and looking to rejoin the forces in some capacity. I'm too old for the regulars, and to be honest I have other things going on in my life that make the TA a more attractive prospect anyway. So, it's the TA or nothing...

    Thing is, I want to do something that's challenging; physically and mentally. I have thought about 23 SAS as I'm near a squadron, as a few friends in the past have done that, but I'm now too old - 40. Same problem with age for the RMR.

    I'm split between doing something medical due to my civi skills, but don't want to get stuck setting up tents/being fucked around as medics seem to do in most units I've heard of. I'm pretty fit (mountain walk/climb/fell run/gym stuff) so infantry appeals, but don't want to join a non-airborne unit (sorry!).

    Is there anything that fits the bill where I could use my medical skills in an infantry setting? 4 Para? MSU to SAS(R)? Something I'v not heard of? Suggestions welcome. PM if needed.

    Thanks. JP
  2. Some Options.

    4 PARA RAP
    144 PARA MED SQN

    Medic with 299 Engineers
  3. Cheers for those suggestions guys. Any more are welcome too. Suprised nobody's told me I'm past it, or to get over the mid-life crisis yet!

    Will chase them up.

  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Not past it, but usual caveats apply:

    1. You are not past it as long as you are fit enough - and I mean fit enough for your rank/role, not "fit for your age". If you are only "quite fit for a 40 year old Tom", then you are not fit enough. The few rejoiners that mobilised from my location are now firmly embedded as 2ic Pissed Mattresses for exactly that reason.
    2. The '90s was a looong time ago! Be prepared to redo recruit training, quite a bit has changed since then.
    3. The units mentioned above have a large number of blokes with very recent experience, often at the very crunchy end of the spectrum. I am not suggesting you bow down before them, but it is worth finding out a bit about them before you bore them to tears with your "when I was in..." stories.

    Good luck, and PM me if you have any questions on 4 Para
  5. Thanks for the advice Duke. I'm fully aware the 90s was ******* ages ago (at least in terms of what the guys have been doing since then, and they way things have changed) and I'd be pretty disappointed if any unit accepted me without putting me though the full program as if I'd never served. As to general fitness, I reckon I'm fitter than I was when I was in, and with more stamina, albeit with probably slightly less speed. And I'm at least as pig-headed! Also aware that boring stories from 'Grandads' quiet days in are likely to bore all and sundry to tears.

    Cheer, JP
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sounds like you are good to go for any of them then.

    Point 3 related to a rejoiner at my place who was boring everyone to death with his tales of stagging on in Bosnia, ignoring the fact that many of those he was telling "war" stories to were smashing it up in Sangin the year before. On arrse, it is mainly rejoiners telling everyone how much better it was in the TA of the '90s and how highly trained they were ready to fight off the Russian shock armies on any given Wednesday night!

    Good luck
  7. Yeah, I could tell some well impressive war stories about the days I spent bored in a sangar in NI, and then this time once right when I actually heard a IED go off and even made my weapon ready... proper warfighting. ;P


  8. Anyone got up an up to date email addy for 144 in London?