Advice on joining Canadian Army

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by scalleydave, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. HI there,

    i have 4 years left, and i am considering going to Canada when my time comes.

    Any advice romours out there that could help

    dave :roll:
  2. Lifestyle, job and financial security, cheaper housing, quality education for the kids, no council tax, the list can go on.
  3. Hey, you're talking my language mate. No arguements whatsoever from me.
  4. Your not wrong there.........

    However, if you develop a real sense of humour failure (moreso if your French Canadian), stick to the 2 can rule strictly, kick all the Brit "yobs" that u invited to your bar on Xmas eve and your a very ugly female Sgt. Maj. you should be ok.

    Hope this helps......
  5. While it is true, at the moment, that the Canadian Forces are in a recruiting and rebuilding phase fueled by the gung ho leadership of the new CDS, General Hillier, I doubt that many of the perks one may be seeking are there to be had.. Military housing is the sh*ts and has been for al ong time [ repairs and replacement while on-going are not top of the line priorities ] pay/dividends, again, improving but still below what is shelled out in civvie street [ CF is hard pressed to recruit doctors, etc.. air crew have been leaving for private enterprsie on a regular basis , despite incentives and bonus offers ], training is delayed and deferred because experienced personnel [ NCO's and such ] needed to ' teach ' are busy on deployments in Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, Haiti, etc. that fully one third of all ' outsourced ' troops are activated reservists.. Because of ' security' issues restrictions/considerations for joining have been tightened and usually preclude 'foreign nationals ' from signing on - only Canadian citizens ..though experienced former serving personnel from GB and some Commonwealth countries have been given ' passes' based on trade/qualifications..

    If you're serious about looking into this suggest you contact the Canadian High Commission in London for the usual discouraging words/cautionaries and piffle/brochures..

    Canada's government had determined, with 'advice' from the military that it is in need of 5000 reg force and 3000 reservist recruits, over and above those needed to replace retiree/early release people, to meet its international and domestic duties over the next 5 -10 years..

    May be a slot for you.
  6. thanks for all the posts, some good points

    its all my own fault i havnt saved, had the good life for the last 18 years with my family,

    im not on the housing market

    so do i sign up for scarey large mortgage, or find out more details

    cant do any harm

    who knows might emigrate and become a dustman, its meant to be be a better standard of living, and pay off from our army would appear to count for a big part of a house
  7. It used to be an easy move for someone like you to join the CF. Not such anymore. Good luck to you.
  8. I changed from the Aussie Army to the Brit Army because as a single bloke there was more opportunity to serve on operations. Also moving from a small Army to a large one opened up much more opportunity.

    Going the other way is a different matter though.
  9. Bottom line is that at present you have to immigrate before even applying to join. This is a requirement introduced within the last 2 years - I sneaked in just before.

    As the application process takes at least 18 months ( 1 year of which is reliability checking -even if you hold elevated UK security clearances already) and because there are very tight limits/unbelievable beaurocratic processes to overcome in order to get into the reg force without being a citizen, you will need to take a massive leap of faith to immigrate first before even applying!! It also takes 3 years as a permanent Resident before you can apply for citizenship.

    Given recent comment about increased recruiting (including the Minister for National Defence talking about it today, as well as improving housing etc) I cannot understand why the source of foreign talent has now been effectively cut off by this immigration first requirement. I am currently emailing Comd CF Recruiting Group to this effect.

    Military housing is different in Canada to the UK BTW - there is no entitlement to a Q (it is first come first served) so the trend is generally to buy a house. As there are very generous allowances that cover everything to do with house sale/purchase and move between postings this is so much easier than in the UK (Including a weeks recce at your new location some 6 months out so you can buy a house/look at the Qs). You can complete the whole process to buy a house in one or 2 days too, which is an absolutely huge difference between UK and Canada. Unlike UK, MQ (aka PMQ here) rent is charged in some way relative to local market rates so varies with location-and is more expensive than UK MQ as well. No ResPod either BTW, but hell, houses and cars cost the same in dollars here as they do in pounds in UK so they are effectively half price anyway.

    BTW - I have lived in MQs, PMQs and now live in one of those "half price" houses.
  10. The Canadians I've met seemed even more depressed about their Army than we are about our fine organisation. Try and see what they say themselves.
  11. Hot off the press are statements by the Canadian Minister for Defence and the Canadian CDS last Thu and Fri that the Canadian Forces are to be increased in size and that one of the major roadblocks to doing so-recruiting procedures-are to be overhauled completely. Also that foreign applicants will be recognised as a source of quality manpower (OK, I'm paraphrasing now because it refers to landed immigrants but you get the picture) including a statement by CDS that citizenship could be awarded in return for service.

    Bottom line is that a pragmatic solution should be arrived at and that must mean getting rid of the "immigrate first before applying" policy- at least I hope it does. More as it develops.
  12. Hi Dave

    Just picked up your thread on joining the CF.

    My family and I are moving over this summer (2007) and I'm well on the way to joining up.

    The process has really speeded up this last year and our immigration application was completed MUCH faster than the standard time. I hear it can take up to 4 years on the skilled worker route at the moment.

    If you want more info, feel free to PM me now or when the departure time comes.

    Good luck
  13. Are retirement years transeferable between all Commonwealth armies or just between CA, Australia, NZ and UK?
  14. Hello,
    A little off topic but. I know that the NewZealand Military will take Soldiers from Canada with 10 years experience in certain trades that they need filled.
  15. The bottom line is that the grass always seems greener on the other side. Once there, you will surely enjoy it until that also becomes routine. With a bit of fortune, it will take a long time until you feel fed up with that sort of lifestyle - best of luck pal.