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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lewismansell, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Before you switch off, this isn't another kid asking about how you become an Para-underwater-knife-fighting-Pilot-spy.

    First off, I'm 23, have been working in civvy flight ops for the last 4 years. In May I passed Occifer Correction for the Royal Navy (again, don't stop here) back in May, and was offered a place at Britannia Royal Navay College for Aircrew Officer in September, but a few weeks ago I was told that due to having been to the Doctors two years and saying I had a slight ringing in my ears, I have been banned from joining the Fleet Air Arm and the Navy in general.

    I have spoken to a careers advisor for the Army who has said that having Tinnitus on my records (which has got better over the last 2 years) is frowned upon less by the Army. So far I have only sent my Interest Form back.

    Having been made redundant earlier this year due to company insolvency, I have been accepted to study Physical Geography with Mountain Leader Training (BSc) at Staffordshire University (Stoke Campus), which will put me at 26 once I graduate. I have been a Scout Leader for the past 18 months and have also got leadership experience from mountaineering and management jobs over the last few years. I come from a completely non-military background, but am more than keen to serve my country in a military role.

    I'm intending on joining the Birmingham UOTC while I'm at University, although may defect to the TA if I find it as much of a drinking club as it's known to be. As much as I'm looking to have fun at University, I am going there to get a good degree and try to leave with as little debt as possible.

    Can I have [sensible] answers on the best course of action for my application, eg, apply now and get AOSB done before finishing University, OTC vs. TA, activities that could aid my application, and also, if anyone has any idea if I could still get into the AAC? I have tried contacting AAC-HQ, but not had a reply.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Physical Geography with Mountain Leader Training at Staffordshire University????

    Are you on crack? That is possibly the most worthless degree title I have ever heard. Imagine what a recruiter, or the army, will think when they see that on your CV. If that degree title was on any CV I was sent it would go immediately in the bin in one fluid motion. Your degree is there to set you up for life - the only thing that degree will set you up for is selling shoes in Millets.

    The army is but one short part of your career. You will probably end up leaving after 4-9 years so you have to think long term. Don't think now that you will stay in forever and be a general - 99% don't.

    You say that you are going to university to get a good degree. PGWMLT is not a good degree.
  3. Fill out the full online application, and go for your interview with your ACA, ask him/her every question you have.

    That honestly is the best course of action as you will be getting first hand information from the horses mouth. If they instantly bounce your application due to a medical problem, well then you know the answer to whether your tinnitus is a problem. I would not be worrying about briefing or anything until you application is done and you have spoken to your ACA.

    In general I suppose degrees help you get into sandhurst as most people who go have one, but certainly not all. I would just make doubly sure you think your degree is worth it. As in could your time be better spent working part time for a year and training up to get into the military straight away, rather than getting in debt (its unavoidable) and having to wait three years before joining up, just because the degree has "leader training" in the title. Though if you think it is worth it then go for it, its not like everyone who goes to Sandhurst studied 'War' or 'Defence Studies' or something.

    Also I will add, going in at 23-24 yrs old puts you nicely in the upper middle of the pack age wise, trying out at 26 really puts you near the upper limits, though certainly not too late, it could really add the pressure if you get given a 6-12month delay or something. I suppose then getting your briefing done now would be a really good idea, though my only thought is, if you could potentially pass your briefing now without a degree, why do the degree at all? Any way like I said get that application in asap.
  4. Cheers Sentinel, will wait for any feedback received from sending off my Interest Form. My reason for going to Univserity now is that if I was unsuccessful to getting in the Army (for medical or other reasons) then I will have some sort of training in another field, as I don't want to work in civvy flight ops for the rest of my life. I understand that I am making it a bit late for an application to the Army, but 4 weeks ago I was set for a 12 year career in the FAA. If I was successful at AOSB in the next 12 months, would the Army look down on me if I chucked in the last two years of the degree and joined up there and then?
  5. You can fully fill out the online application form without sending it off, its not like once you click 'next' its off and gone, you can save it and keep coming back to it for as long as you want. At least go fill it out fully, and then the very second you want to send it you can just click the actual 'send' button.

    No do not worry about it your not too late at all. There is just a big difference between 23 and 26, but still no where near too late, you can start panicking when your 28.

    I do not believe they would mind that much, it is just a shame to pay all that money for a year of university and get no degree. There were a number of people at my briefing who had called it quits on degrees and passed fine, and also many who did not have degrees at all and did well. As long as you were willing to explain your actions I would not have thought it would be a huge issue. Also do not forget you could also do your briefing now pass your main board and still finish you degree and then go in at 26, there is no rush you can do it all really.
  6. A degree will help him after the army, as someone mentioned before only a small percentile of officers make it to the higher echelons, having something to fall back on can do no harm, depending on the degree of course.

    OP have you considered getting a university bursary?

    You could attend the Main Board before you start Uni or when still at Uni, it would certainly give you more flexibility in terms of career paths etc...

    I started my application just before turning 27 and will enter RMAS just before turning 28, needless to say I felt the pressure.
  7. The only thing I will say about this is think about how the recruiters will view this?

    In your interview with the ACA he/she should raise the idea of financial sponsorship with you. If you feel ready enough to tackle AOSB then go for it and get the bursary that is on offer. If you do indeed pass AOSB Briefing and Main Board then why not see the rest of your degree through? There is thread on here about graduate vs non-grad which will show you both sides to the argument.