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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ISeeTheLight, Feb 23, 2009.

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    "Responsible for a huge range of military tasks, including construction, preparing defensive positions and handling sensitive stores

    As well as being trained to a higher level in Infantry skills, Pioneers are also artisans and builders, so once they have built the Army’s bases, they may defend them as well. They have a key role on both operations and exercises and can turn their hand to almost any job, including carpentry, bricklaying, fuel handling and JCB driving. A Pioneer’s skill at multi-tasking means that their only problem when leaving the Army is deciding what to do"

    Is being a pioneer more or less a combat role?
    Do they forfill any combat seeing on operations
    Or is this a Wah?
    Please be nice guys
  2. Wah.

    Just kidding. :eek:

    Anyways. they go through infantry training so they know how to fight. But im not sure they would always be on the front lines or on patrol if in the front lines etc. Im sure it would involve some combat, Just not as much as your average infantryman.
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    Pioneers, otherwise known as 'Chunks', are called this because the general conception is that there isn't too much upstairs, if you get my drift. They have an obsession with anything 'Green and Red', and this is because a few years ago chunks had their Pioneer symbol taken off their uniform to show the rest of the RLC that they are no different, and that the RLC is one Corp.

    Is being a pioneer more or less a combat role?

    Not anymore, they no longer get Infantry pay

    Do they forfill any combat seeing on operations?

    Not like an Infanteer, chunks gaurd the bases, build things, lay barbed wire etc, they may do some patrolling but nothing extensive

    Or is this a Wah?

    The description you gave of chunks, being multi tasking etc, is true. They're good at all building trades, and they maintain good standards of fitness and are pretty disciplined, but I think you may want to look closer at Combat Engineering if you're after a bit more meat on your tour.
  4. in the last 18/24 months the pioneers have deployed at sqn levels to both iraq and afghan, Iraq as the Umm qsar patrol company and then half way through the tour took over the Div interm facility (not allowed to call it a prison, very pc.)
    The tasks in afgan included a troop attatched to the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment in Gareshk.
    Other tasks on that tour included a force protection troop and also a sqn were the Kabul Patrols coy.
    This year there's mastiff troop roles in afghan, and a sqn on Op tosca in Cyprus.
    In between this there have been many artisan based exercises in the uk.
  5. Oh and sarge_massage_my_passage:
    Please dont take this as me trying to get into a bum fight with you but the lad's only asking a question, no need to start compairing dicks over it. If you dont know what people do then you dont know!! lets try not to go into: we all hate thick chunks mode.

    If you want to see what the chunks have been recently type in pioneers on herrick on youtube couple of wanky chunks staggin on clips on there.

    clicky 2

    Oh and not to rub anything in... Yes we do still get high band pay.

    Edited for adding links.
  6. Still the poor man's Engineer :D (J.K!)
  7. ;

    But not Infantry pay

    Because chunks are not Infanteers even though they like to think of themselves as such.

  8. May be wrong but I with the rest of the army am lead to believe there are only two types of basic pay(High band and Low band) But hey might be wrong I am only a thick chunk Armed forces Pay roles
  9. Okay, whats the reverse then? What does being an Assault Pioneer in the Infantry entail? Course wise I mean, it LOOKS like the course is quite interesting, does anyone know a brief outline of the syllabus, any perks, pay etc??
  10. Cheers guys
    After some more reasearching, the combat engineer sounds better.