Advice on if there is a credit check in the new application process?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by steview90, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if the army now run credit checks on candidates applying for all roles?

    In the past I thought it was just for people requiring SC/DV for their chosen trade, but I was told by an online recruiter that in step 14 of the new application process there will be a financial check.

    Does anybody know what this involves? and what credit score you would need to pass?

    I have been in some defaulted debt in the past which is due to be all clear next month, my outgoings would be under £100 and I have quite a lot in savings.

  2. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    If that is ALL you outgoings and the debt is clear you will be fine.
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    And what has that got to do with credit checks? You may want to ask on a different thread
  4. Thanks for the reply sup rec!

    Yes I am told all defaulted debt should be cleared from my credit file, it will become statute barred as it is more than 6 years old.

    Obviously straight after my credit score won't be the best, that was what I was worried about.

    Yes maximum £100, all I would really have to pay for during training would be my phone contract.
  5. I've got a defaulted account on my credit history and Ipassed it fine...
  6. I had a less than perfect credit history and explained that it was managable - I got in. It shouldn't be a problem but don't hide it, be up-front otherwise it becomes dishonest - a bar to joining - if it comes up. And it will.
  7. Hello Everyone,

    Going to jack this thread with my concern about credit checks within the application process. Basically; I have 4 Defaults against me on my "Credit Check" 3 of which I am more than aware about; I have totted up the numbers and have come to a 6k figure ( If I make it into the Infantry I could easily arrange to pay it off ). My only concern is that due to my current circumstances I cannot afford to pay any of it off, in which my debtors have given up hassling me for the money.

    I am due to have my interview soon ( dont have date yet ) and I am comfortable with disclosing this information, Its just making me wonder if I will be declined due to my circumstances.

    I am looking into getting a payment plan to resolve this issue, but I cannot arrange anything until I am earning a regular wage or I am just going to end up back on square one.

    Any Info/Comments are appreciated.
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    You will need to have a verified payment plan before you join. If more than 35% of your wage is required to be used to pay a debt you will probably not be accepted in the Army.

    As a Pte in the infantry £6k is not as easy to pay off as you may think.

    Be honest at the interview. They should raise it as a concern on your interview report and ask for a 203 to b raised by the NRC for finance. The decision is the made higher up the food chain as to whether you can continue or not.
  9. Surely as TA, your military wage is a supplementary income (extra money) so they probably take into account your civilian wage to sort it out, rather than rely on a top up from HM Forces.
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  10. Cheers for the reply sup rec, After doing some research and actually looking at my credit report, it turns out I owe half of what I initially thought, I have spoke with Payplan and they have advised me to make token payments (even as little as a pound) to my debtors. I can definitely appreciate what you say when my plans of easily paying it off with regular Pte pay would be fairly hard, putting thoughts into practice an be bloody hard.

    Hopefully now knowing its a matter of paying half that I am very sure I could pay it, lets hope the higher rankings see it like i do.

    All the best, and thanks for the replies, I will be sure to post my findings.
  11. Mater and Pater chip in with a genorous allowance as well.
  12. sup rec, I have done some more sniffing about and number crunching, it turns out that if I were earning a regular Pte wage, I would be eating into 21% ( this would still leave me with change ). May I ask what a 203 is? I have done research about the NRC.. I am just unsure about the 203.
  13. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    I have replied to your PM