advice on how to build up triceps

hi guys,

any advice on what excersises i should do to build up my triceps so i can get through more press ups?

preferable stuff i can do while knocking round the house as i dont have much time for the gym at the moment


Close Grip(hands 6 - 8 inches apart)Bench Press. Works all three "heads" of the Tricep. Probably the single best weight training exercise for the Triceps.

If you want to increase the number of press ups you can do, try a pair of press up bars; basically, two padded handles that increase the depth of your press up, making it harder. You can also try incline press ups; just put your feet on something like a chair.
Try the following:

Generally mix triceps with chest as when you exercise the chest you also involve the triceps. Following on will blow them.

Single Arm seated or standing Tricep Press - dont use too much weight to start with and concentrate on posture

Tricep pushdowns on lat bar/tricep bar

Tricep kickbacks

Tricep French press on flat bench

Tricep Dips

Close arm pressups or close hand bench press. Note: Its advisable to not do close hand press ups if you have just finished a chest session.
you want to get through more pressups??

er, do more pressups then.....close arm, wide arm, cross thumb, anything, just do a shed load every day. Do them properly and then get on the bench and build up..get on with it
I would say just try to and do different tyeps of press ups to keep it varied and lots of them. Try push up bars too. Got mine for about a fiver in ASDA.
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