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Hi everyone long time lurker first time poster. Hope someone can offer some advice. I am currently renting a flat in Portsmouth and will be there for the next couple of years. I am orignally from Glasgow and am looking to buy a flat there. However, i may only travel back there once every two months and so would this restrict me in getting GYH(Travel)?? i have read the JSP and it makes no mention of number of times you have to go back and is just a sum that is given to you regardless of how much you go home.

Any advice?? Don't want to claim if not entitled or if within a grey "Expenses-MP" area.

I've not got the JSP to hand but look up the definition of a privately maintained property in chapter 1.
PMP = A SP's wholey or partially owned proeprty or a rented property for which they are a signatory on the tenancy agreement. It must be where the SP would normally reside at weekends, stand-downs and periods of leave and for which they have full or partial responsibility for payment of Council Tax. A PMP may not ne let (but a lodger may be taken) and it must not be the family home or Res at Work Address ... so in essence if you were to purchase a house/flat elsewhere in the country this would by classed as your PMP and therefore you will be entitled to GYH(T) (provided it is not the let by yourself) ... on a side note - if your rented flat at your duty station is over 3 miles from work you may also claim HDT at the same time as this is classed as your Residence at Work Address!!! ... Hope this is of use.
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