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I am currently on the lookout for an electro-acoustic guitar, but its a bit of a minefield. I have around 200-250 to spend, so the likes of Martin and Taylor are out of the question, the only caveat is that it must be full size and have a cutaway on the body. links to models etc would be appreciated.

Over to you.
£200 £250 should be you a reasonable guitar, are you just starting out or looking to improve on what you have ?
There is a link at the bottom of this page for gear4music, I got my last acoustic from them, its ok, not expensive and nicely set up. How about an epiphone or yamaha ?
I use a Fender Telecaster custom at the moment, but wanted an acoustic to just pick up and play. I was looking at some by a brand called 'SX' yesterday, it felt fine but I have no clue what I'm looking for really. although I am pretty good with electric guitars.
I currently use a LAG acoustic which apart from being French plays and sounds fantastic, unfortunately they don't make an electro-acoustic as already suggested Yamaha have good ones that cover all price ranges.
Find a good guitar shop, even if you have to travel a little and ask the advice of the staff. There will be something to suit every budget. It’s unlikely they will give you a hard sell if they are passionate about guitars. Try before you buy and don’t rush or feel pressured into a purchase. After trying half a dozen or so you should be able to find the one that that feels and sounds right.

When you find the right one you should know. =D

A guitar is for life etc..............
Second hand is always a good bet.

Don't forget also that you can get interest free credit easily at a lot of music shops on the 'Take It Away' scheme. That's how I got my Martin 000.

Take it away from Arts Council England

Andertons have a lot of stock at around your price range:

Andertons Music Company - Acoustic Guitars

For your money, I'd definately consider one of these:

Crafter FX550EQ/AM, Bubinga, New, Inc. Gigbag, Acoustic product details : Guitar Village UK

or this:

Ibanez AEG20E-TG, Trans Grey Sunburst, New, Acoustic product details : Guitar Village UK
If it was my money, I would get a full body acoustic without electrics. But that's just me.
It's a long time since I played but Ovation were definitely the make to go for when they first came out. It was amazing in the late 80s and early 90s how many of them you saw on the telly.
I never liked the "plastic' sound of Ovations..
If you have access to COSTCO they have both electric and acoustic for sale at the moment.

If in London see if Chappels are still trading, (they used to have a shop in Milton Keynes complete with a sound room to test guitars in, Smoke On The Water was a banned tune).

Edit; Chappells of Bond Street are still trading, check out thier website.
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