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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kieranwelsh, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi people,

    Firstly i do apologise if these questions have been answered elsewhere, ive been looking through and quite frankly, theres too many threads to try to find the relevant info to the below questions :D

    Im half way through an army application (done app form, got references, medi report done and ive chosen what i want to join) - my next stage SHOULD be my selection centre....but my recruitment sergeant wants me to prove i can run the 1.5m in under 14 minutes at an army running club that they offer (probably because im a bit lardy)

    Im doing this run on 22/09/09 as its the only time i can get off work to do it. I have been running 3/4 times a week for the last 2 months but my fitness doesn't seem to be improving. However, im determined to do this run on 22nd and require a little bit of help of how to prepare for the selection centre if and when it happens

    What would be required of me there. I know i seen the selection centre video, and seen the people doing the 1.5m/press ups/sit ups/jerry can carrying etc, but im not sure how much ide have to do to prepare for all of this.

    How many press-ups would i need to do?

    How many pull ups?

    How many sit ups?

    What are the weight of the jerry cans and what is the distance i need to carry them?

    What else would i have to do at the selection centre (except the 1.5m as i know i have to do that!!)

    - - -

    Final question

    When i have tried this 1.5m run, i managed to do half of it in about 5 minutes, but ide say 75% of that was downhill, but i have never been able to run more than the half of it in one go. There have been many reasons (but laziness is not one of them). The biggest reason is my calf muscles...they cause me so much jip at present. Is it because im not stretching them properly before running? Not warming up before i run? Because i havn't run since high school (7 years ago)?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. 1st of all you said it Warm up - because on the day you WILL be warmed up by an Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI) and dont want to be knackered on that, it also involves an 800m in 15 minutes jog to warm up, then 1.5m run.

    someone else will have to answer the questions of joining up exercises and helpful if you state you age.

    Also eating healthfully will help cut the crap and stop eating the pies, dont drink for few days before hand (alcohol)
  3. Get running fatty. 14 mins is an appalling time.

    Worry about the jerry cans etc once you can run.
  4. I'll not try and answer the strength questions. Just that for males under 30 it's 50 situps and 44 pressups, I think. But as regards the running, probably all the reasons you give are correct. For a start - what is the issue with your calves - do you have a medical prob? If not, then yes probably the lack of warm up and cool down isn't helping so make sure you do both.

    The best way to run faster is to run say 3 times a week as you are doing but try three different types of run. Do a fartlek run once a week (google is your friend), do a steady run and also do an interval run. If you don't have access to a track, find a football pitch, which is around 400m perimeter. Run round it as fast as you can once, then walk/jog round it. Do that 4 times to start, try to decrease your times and as you get better throw in an extra interval or run round twice then jog once. With the fartlek and steady runs - try to increase your distance by 5-10% each week - it's better for your stamina and overall fitness to focus on going a further distance in your time than it is to just practise the 1.5m over and over. Start running for say 25 mins then build up till you can happily go out for 45 mins and as said, go a little further each time.
  5. Whinging fat bastard, get running & quite your moaning.

    0.75 miles in 5 minutes DOWNHILL is absolutely pathetic. I could run that with you on my back.
  6. Thats helpful!! :?
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    check pms
  8. Whinging is spelt whingeing you cock!! And quit is spel QUIT (no E)

    If you havn't got anything helpful to say, dont say anything you knobmuncher

    Also, 0.75 miles downhill in 5 minutes is pathetic - however, the downhill isnt a steep downhill, ide say its fairly flat apart from the last section ;)
  9. I agree with u mate uv asked for help and u get abuse but if you cant take the abuse like that on here then how u expect to take it at selection and at basic training.
    Im a personal trainer and I start my basic in a months time, I think Im fit but army fit is a different story. Im running 3-5 times a week just now and sometimes I think thats not enough. All the guys are being honest cause u need to get up off ur ass and get running. Do 1.5, 3 and 6 mile runs but start out slow for the 1st 700 metres or so to get warmed up.
  10. u r smrt

    Oh, it isn't a steep downhill? I do apologies, I was under the impression that you were struggling to practically fall down the bastard hill.

    Now, put down that piece of cake, grab your trainers & get your excuse making, fat useless arse out running.
  11. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  12. Bazil - i would be prepared for it in the army mate, but when i ask for help on a forum ide appreciate some help lol i want to train hard and know what i want to train for and i get abused pmsl

    Anyway, cheers for your info mate, ill take it on board
  13. Smrt OR Smart?
    Apologies OR Apologise

    Not a fan of cake, been running this morning and going again in an hour. If you read above....try and find an excuse you panzie
  14. Legend - thank you very much for this info mate

    Love the last sentence....and i will run run run, damn you ;)
  15. You're too fat to join the army tubby. Have you thought of a career in supermarkets? You could be that grotesque cunt who waddles out of the curtains at the back of the shop,weazing under the load of a 24 mini-pack of muller yoghurts.