Advice on finding unit to deploy with in the summer

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Japster, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Just been given a problem which I`d like to help out with, but I need some input from my fellow Arrsers.

    I`ve god a young RE lad in my unit (AMS Fd Hosp) who wants to deploy this summer to Afghanistan (He`s allready done the other sandy place, in Dogwood with the BW) but cannot find anyone to deploy with. He has got his name down on the various trawl lists but as yet has had no success. He is a time served chippy and is as keen as mustard, but is suffering from a bit of a drop in morale as he feels that nobody wants him.

    Can anybody come up with sensible suggestions on how to get him on a tour? Is it worth contacting units direct, if so, how do I find out which Engrs are going? Any body know anything about PRT`s as his skills could be put to good use there, I`m sure that they must be screaming out for carpenters.

    Any suggestions gratfully recieved
  2. Contact 2 Med Bde, they run with the Med Trawls - all the rest are obtainable through your Regional Bde (I assume you are the PSAO??)
  3. Contact your nearest RHQ RE TA Regiment.